A Company named International Arts and Precious Stones is established on the third floor of Nairobi’s 5-story hotel, where Esther is a salesman , Esther was 25-26 year old, light-dark-complexioned, black-haired, beautiful-faced, black-eyed having a light beard man.

Due to the company's work, Esther often has to travel to other countries.

Esther had no idea that his firm transports the precious diamonds in his luggage when he goes out.

This work was doing by keeping the diamonds, in secret places of Esther’s bags without his knowledge .

This time, Esther was going to Alberto, Canada to attend a seminar to sell their art items, while on this occasion, huge quantity diamonds were fitted by the company in his bags . The market cost of these precious diamonds was around $100,000.

Esther had to take a flight from Nairobi to Alberto after few days.

when he reached at air port he was instructed that his journey was cancelled and it will be informed later about when to go ahead. To obey orders, Esther cancelled his journey and went back to his home.

William lives in Alberto City.
He is also 25–26 years old, with light-dark coloured hair and a beautiful face. He is about 5 feet 10 inches tall, black-eyed, and has a light beard on his face.

William is one of the town's best players on his team the famous Football team.

They had come to Nairobi last week to play in a Football competition.

All the matches were over, and the team went back home.

The entire team of William has gone back to the Canadian city of Alberto.

But William had to meet his mother's sister there, so he did not go back with his team.

But now the day has come to go back home after meeting his mother's sister.

So he called his travel agency to book a confirmed ticket to Alberto, and, incidentally, William was allotted the same seat on the same flight of Air France on which Esther was going to Alberto .

Because Esther had cancelled the journey, and his ticket was cancelled automatically.

William came to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi to take the flight on time .

After being checked under the general safety rules, he reached at the allotted seat on his flight and sat down.
His luggage was under waight as per the rules, to be carried in the passenger cabin of the aircraft, so he put his bag in the pessenger cabin ,which he had brought with him.

Till now he was not even settled that a stranger came and sat on the seat next to him and he started spying on William.

This unknown traveler kept his eyes on William's every move. William was getting a lot of inconvenience due to his action. The journey continued, nothing happened that would have been a cause for doubt.

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority which is a agency for screening of people and baggage ,and that workes of administration of identity cards at the airports in Canada. Roughly the checked bags are opened up to be physically inspected. If TSA finds a prohibited item in checked baggage?

Carrying prohibited items may cause delays for you and other travellers, but they may also lead to fines and sometimes even arrest. This authority had come to know that illegal goods were being brought in a bag by a person on the flight coming from Nairobi.

The person's appearance and seat number were also intimated to the security agency so they were waiting for the passenger at Calgary International Airport Alberta Canada.

William's girlfriend Rosie was also waiting there to receive William at the same airport.

After some 30 minutes the flight landed at the airport. Slowly the passengers came out of the plane, among them William and his co-passenger were also came there.

His co-passenger made a secret gesture to the security agency and William was caught by the agency men.

Rosie standing far away also saw this sight, but she could not do anything. Agency men brought William to his office and inquired him for an hour and searched his bag thoroughly but they did not find anything, still William was kept in custody by the agency and did not let him go.

Here Rosie thought that perhaps William was engaged in some criminal activities and thanked that if she will show her relation with William the agency will also involve her in the case . so she ran away from there .

After several hours, the agency investigated the complete case from the beginning , it came to know that the man who was caught is not the real suspect , the original criminal did not come from that flight, but by chance, a man of exactly the same height and age, came on the same seat of same flight. Because of which there was a misunderstanding.

But now who will explain to poor William's girlfriend that William has not done any criminal act.
William was let from there and he went straight to his girlfriend and told her the whole story to her , somehow Rosie again agreed with his words.
Thus, due to a coincidence, a decent man got caught in a calamity and with a very hard survived through a rift with his girlfriend.
That is why it is said that whatever happens, only God does it, without his will even a leaf does not move.
All is well ................


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