Baby, baby, no please! OK, fine. Have it so that I may know peace!

I talk to my self all the time or so it seems because she obviously couldn't reply me. At least not with words. She sometimes responds with a beaming smile revealing her two front teeth or cry so loud that my head hurts, other times she just stares at me blankly as though I didn't just talk to her.
This is me keeping up with my 8months old baby.

This evening is special. He had called to tell me to dress up for an outing and I'm currently dressed in a beautiful yellow knee length gown that hugged my burst and stomach but went flair from just below my navel down to my knee. I settled for a yellow pair of sandals to match. My hair is kept away in a bun because all I really want right now is something simple, comfortable and casual.

I'm quite exhausted from today's work. I had been boxing and sorting things around the house though there were still more stuffs here and there. We are relocating to Newfoundland, Canada.

My 8months baby,Ava, has been very busy too. She has been playing with whatever is on her way. Frankly, a lot were. Its good because it kept her distracted while I got things done.

Madam, where to? I'd always call her madam randomly because really, I work round the clock serve her needs ever since her birth. No one knew where she was going, not me, not our dog but she was crawling so fast as though she has a burning pot of soup.

Oh yeah? Its my make up kit next right? I said when I realised where she was heading. She stopped and smiled knowingly.

I lifted her up from the floor to feed her. She was obviously hungry from the way she took the food. Well, who wouldn't?She probably did more work than myself. You'll know she has had her full when she starts shaking her head in refusal of the spoon or spitting out the food. That's the case right now. I didn't want to get soiled, not after dressing up this way so I kept the remaining food away, changed her clothes and got comfortable on the sofa. They were now showing my new favorite Telemundo series- Loli's Luck.

I heard some movements at the door. It was Jay's. He walked right in. Jay, my husband of two years now was holding a gift bag and standing at the entrance.

"Hey baby", he said with a deep soothing voice. His thin lips gradually formed into a beaming smile that reflected adoration in his eyes. "Beautiful", He whispered.
"Sorry?" I asked. "Beautiful", He repeated. "Oh, thanks!"I replied. "I was referring to Ava", he said now laughing hard. "Whatever!" Replied me as I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen to clean Ava's plate. He laughed even more and went to carry Ava, strolled down to the kitchen where I had left to and handed me the gift bag with a peck on my cheeks. "My Queen, you always look beautiful". "I know", I replied then followed it with a wink and a click of my mouth.

Its either Ava got bored or the food got her too relaxed, she's was now sleeping. She fell asleep on his broad chest a moment ago.

"So, what's up?" I asked Jay. "I have all our travel papers sorted and I wanted us to spend the evening out, enjoying and savoring or last moments here Ibadan because I know you're going to miss this city."
He said placing Ava on her crib "We'll be gone for some years and won't reside in this city when we return. "Mmm" I mumbled as I poured myself a cup of yoghurt.
"I'll go take a shower now and change to freshly laundered clothes". With that, Jay dashed to the bedroom to dress up.

I took a sip of the chilled yoghurt, and began to open the gift that was beautifully wrapped
While I pondered on what Jay said. Indeed I'm going to miss this city. Most especially, the weather.
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