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Glenda, surprised to see herself in a fancy restaurant at the bar section as her teleportation spell worked well. She smiles at herself through the reflection from her glass cup which contains a golden sparkle liquid. As she was drinking the liquid, it soothed her tongue down to her throat. So she ordered one more glass. While she was waiting for her last drink, she looked around the restaurant as she took in her environment once again but then caught the attention of a man, seated alone in a booth, dressed in a well tailored suit and a drink in his hand.

Glenda quickly looked away as his eyes threatened to suck her deep into the world of ecstacy. A few seconds later, the bartender brought the drink she ordered, then she took a sip immediately to calm herself down. She swirled her glass in preparation to take another sip when she perceived a subtle woodsy scent mixed with a hint of blended herbs and it smelt doubtlessly expensive.

"Do you usually look away when you find something appealing?" said the man Glenda saw from across the bar.

"No, I don't, but I don't find you appealing in any sort of way", Glenda said as she rolled her eyes while taking a sip from her drink.

"Okay, I guess we started off on the wrong path. Hi, I am Triston"

"I am Glenda, nice to meet you", they both shook hands.

Glenda and Triston took a couple of more drinks talking together and became acquainted together.

~ ~ ~

Two hours later, they both got to a hotel room. He watched her close the door, then imprisoned her against it by putting his hands palms-down on either side of her body as he initiated the first kiss, Glenda returned it back and they began kissing. Glenda was on her toes so as to meet up with his height. Triston, a six feet four inches male, averagely built, dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Not long after, he picked her up and guided her legs to wrap around himself while he supported her with his hands as she was kissing him passionately and demanding more. Triston put her down carefully and asked her to take off her clothes. She complied immediately while he took off his own clothes too. Then Glenda gasped when she discovered a birthmark on one of his arms.

"What is it?" Triston asked

"You are a werewolf! Why did you fail to mention that?" she asked

Triston smirked as a deep growl came up from his throat and he said, "Did you also tell me you are a witch?" Glenda began to move backwards as Triston stalked after her until he backed her up against the door. It was against the rules of witches to have any sort of relationship with werewolves.

"How did you know I am a witch?" she asked.

"You witches give off this particular smell of smoked-mixed herbs. No werewolf can miss that".

"Aren't you scared of me?" Glenda replied.

"No, but I feel this strong pull towards you like a rubber band. I want to fight it, but I can't". Triston said this as his eyes glowed displaying his Alpha status to Glenda.

As Triston made an attempt to kiss her again, she divulged a powerful wind-like force from her hands to push him backwards. It gave her time to run to open the door, but to outrun an Alpha wolf is impossible because of their super speed. Triston already appeared in front of her, taking her captive by her hands.

"Triston, don't make me cast a spell on you. I can't do this" Glenda said

"I don't care, you do whatever you like as long as you don't kill me, but will you?" he said.

She looked at him nervously and poof! She was gone. Triston blinked his eyes twice and couldn't find her. He began to breathe heavily in anger as he struck out his claws against the wall, leaving four clawed markings on the wall. He looked at the window and saw it was a full moon. He cursed under his breath and immediately left the hotel.

~ ~ ~

As Glenda appeared in her room, she sat on her bed recalling all that has happened in the past few minutes. She wondered how she crossed the path of Triston, a werewolf. Going to that fancy restaurant was a routine she does to blow off some steam once a month. She thought of the pull Triston talked about and realized that she felt the same pull the first time she saw him from across the bar. What does it mean? Glenda has no idea.

Triston got to his house and wanted to shower when he perceived the presence of werewolves in his apartment. His eyes glowed as began to anticipate the werewolves to show themselves. Then six werewolves came out from hiding and it was his packmates.

"What are you all doing in my apartment?" Triston asked

"We felt a mate bond pull through the pack's bond, have you found her?" Said one of the werewolves, his closest friend Champel.

"Yes, I think so, but she is a witch, how can a witch be my mate? It's full moon, I am fighting as hard as I can not go look for her and take her"

"It's a feeling we can't fight off, when the moon is at its peak, you have no other choice than to obey nature's call" Champel said, smirking.

Triston began to breathe heavily as more growls escaped his chest. His eyes glowed more as he began to transform into his werewolf form. Bones snapping to take shape, muscle expanding and tearing to accept transformation. Then, there was a rumbling growl as he roared, having transformed fully. He dropped Glenda's scarf on the floor as his packmate picked it up, sniffed and howled into the cold night. The search begins!

As they got to Glenda house, the stench of blood was thick in the air. With the speed of lightning, Triston bashed into Glenda's apartment breathing heavily only to find her lying on the floor dead. He got to her and transformed back into his human form so he could pick her up. He laid her on her bed as he began to search for a pulse, but he couldn't find any.

He then perceived her killer's scent which was lots of smoked-mixed herbs with a hint of sulfur. It denoted that it was a witch who did this. Quickly Triston slit his wrist to see if he could revive her back with his blood but nothing. Rage began to build in him, his eyes began to glow bright and with that rage, he transformed back to his werewolf form and went in search of her killer leaving Glenda in the care of his trusted packmates.

Twenty years later...

Triston in his werewolf form howled into the cold night with the full moon at its highest peak. The howl was that of gloom. This was a ritual he did every night of every full moon in remembrance of Glenda. He has been like this and he has decided to stay this way until someone else can make his heart beat again.

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