Samuel ran as fast as his legs could carry him, the full moon was about to appear which forebode danger for him so he needed to be home.


The older boys in his kingdom would soon come after him as he was an easy target due to his feeble nature.

Every full moon the older boys transformed into powerful werewolves and tormented the 13 year old Samuel who was the weakest boy in the entire village known as Nawuli.

Nawuli was the most powerful and feared kingdom in the ten kingdoms that make up Genua, the other kingdoms did not dare to challenge them because they were the silverback alpha werewolves which is the most powerful kind of werewolf.

The ten kingdoms of Genua were known for one thing, they had the rare ability of transforming from humans to werewolves and vice versa at any time, during the full moon they would transform into powerful werewolves.

Samuel came from a poor family background, his father was a messenger for the royal family of Nawuli and his mother was the personal maid of the queen of Nawuli.

Samuel was the only child but his parents made sure that he had everything he wanted even though it was not enough, he went to the best school in the kingdom and Samuel being an intelligent boy always came out on top of his class but he was always bullied and teased by the boys from rich homes whose father's and mothers were prime ministers, office workers, commercial traders, high ranking soldiers and so on infact Samuel was the only kid in the entire school whose parents were not rich so he was easily identified by students and even teachers because the other kids used the latest phones, sandals, wrist watches, school bags and thier uniforms were always new and ironed.

Everyday after school Samuel went to help his parents in the palace, he would go on errands for his parents then go home to prepare dinner for his parents who always slept at the palace on weekdays, the only time the whole family got together was on weekends.

Samuel was bullied every day by older boys but one day he decided that enough was enough, when the most popular and strongest boy Dave whose father was the prime minister came with his gang to bully him Samuel fought back but they were too much for him so he ran away but Dave shouted to him as he was running.

You can run but you cannot hide, the full moon is coming tonight and i know you always go home at night after helping your parents at the palace so we will wait for you at the pathway leading to your home, you think that you are now man enough to challenge me you peasant, i will teach you manners and show you that the strong will always overpower the weak and even if you tell your miserable parents i will still have my way!!!!.

Samuel was fargone when Dave was done making threats.

Samuel was visibly shaking when he got to the palace to help out his parents but he refrained from telling his parents the threat he was facing.

The full moon which came once each month was powerful and fearful moment for Genuans because it was a chance for the strongest werewolves amongst them to prey on the weaker ones and also a chance for weaker ones to fight back because it made everybody so powerful and mighty.


Even though Samuel's parents were strong werewolves he was weak and feeble, he could not transform into a werewolf, and in Genua anybody be it a man or woman from the age of thirteen upwards who could not transform into a giant werewolf is considered a failure and that is why he was always bullied even by younger people.

Samuel could not muster up the courage to tell his parents the threat Dave made against him because he felt that it would be pointless as Dave's father was the prime minister of the kingdom and he had the power to sack his parents.

When it was time to go home, Samuel said his goodbyes to his parents and zoomed off so as to avoid Dave's wrath, he ran and ran and then ran some more and he even tried to transform into a werewolf but his efforts were useless because the full moon was not yet up.

Samuel was almost close to his house when he heard a voice which brought him to a complete halt, it was Dave and his gang.

So you think that you have escaped haven't you peasant?, tonight is the night i teach you a lesson in respect and humility so that next time a peasant like you would not dare to fight back when the big boys are talking.

Samuel turned fearfully and saw about 50 shirtless big boys who were ready for action, he wanted to run but his feet seemed to have been stuck on the ground so he decided to beg for mercy.

Please i beg of you, spare me for i am nothing but a humble servant and the only son of a palace messenger so i beg you......

Dave interrupted him and said....

You know that you are the only son of a palace messenger yet you fought back earlier today when i only wanted to play with you, tonight i will put a scar on your face!!!!.

Dave looked up and saw the full moon in all it's power, he took a deep breath and then transformed into a powerful werewolf and the 50 boys followed suit, they surrounded Samuel who started crying.

All of a sudden the rain started pouring down in torrents and Samuel transformed into a giant golden back werewolf which was the highest form anybody could attain.

The golden back werewolf came once every million years and according to Genuan laws the golden back werewolf is the king of all werewolves and if there are any regardless of the person's status or background, he or she is to be made king immediately.

Dave and the fifty boys were astonished as Samuel growled at them in all his glory, nobody had ever seen a golden back werewolf before even though it was taught in schools.

The rain kept on pouring down and under the full moon Dave and the fifty boys bowed down to Samuel who transformed back and was surprised to see them all bowing down because he had no idea what had happened.

He ran inside his house and the boys went home still shocked from what they had just witnessed, they told thier parents who in turn told thier friends and by morning the news had spread like wildfire and it even reached the supreme king of Genua who summoned an emergency meeting of all the ten kingdoms and all it's people.

Samuel could not sleep the previous night because he was still confused and immediately it was morning he ran to the palace to see his parents, when he got there the ten kingdoms and all it's people were already present, when everybody noticed his presence they all bowed down to him including his parents and the supreme king called him up and addressed the people.

We all thought that the golden back wolf was not going to appear again, the last time it did was about a million years ago and even my early ancestors were not around at that time but today it has come back in the body of the young Samuel and it is my honour and pleasure to announce to everyone gathered here that Samuel is the new Supreme king, all hail the king!!!.

Everybody joined in and bowed down to Samuel who was still astonished.

The coronation ceremony commenced immediately and lasted till night when a miracle occured, another full moon appeared which was rare because the full moon only appeared once every month but it was there again.

Samuel was dressed in a full king's regalia and when the time came to put the crown on his head he took a little time to talk to his parents.

Dad, mom i know that everything is happening too fast and i know that things would change from now on but i still want you to know that i am still your son and i am proud of both of you for all the sacrifices you have made in order to provide everything i wanted.

Samuel said with tears in his eyes

I always knew that you are special Sammy, and no matter what happens you are still our son

His parents said in unsion and with tears in thier eyes they hugged themselves.

The entire population from the ten kingdoms were present when the crown was placed on Samuel's head by the previous king, immediately the crown touched his head heavy rain started pouring down and the entire population of the ten kingdoms transformed into werewolves including the newborns and the moment everybody was waiting for finally came, under the full moon and in the down pouring rain Samuel transformed into the golden back werewolf and howled, the rest joined in and then bowed to him.



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