The rains poured down heavily that night, you could hear the sounds of the rain pouring down in torrents as they fell on the roofs of buildings, everywhere was calm and peaceful which could be attributed to the rain.

Ken sat down in the reading table as he prepared to write the letter, he has been doing this every year after the death of his beloved wife Bloosom.


After writing the letter, he took it to his wife's grave on his wife's death anniversary with their two kids by his side, he would drop the letter in a small box which he would dig up and then water the small flower garden around her grave.


He brought out a pen and a plain sheet and then he wore his reading glasses and started writing

Dear Bloosom, it has been five years since cancer forcefully took you away from us and each time i think about how you smiled through the pain, my love for you seems to blossom everyday but alas we are nothing but mere humans and we can't question God but if i had my way i would have replaced you in that grave. Samantha and Logan are all grown up now and are doing very well in school because of the little impact you had in their lives when you were still around. I'm doing well too in my place of work and before i forget, i was recently promoted to the rank of manager which would have made you happy. I don't know if angels eat because i would have asked if you have eaten, many people have been telling me to forget you and remarry for the sake of our kids but i don't think anyone would ever replace you in my life my beautiful cherry. I miss you Blossom, our kids miss you and i am sure that the world misses you too because just like your name, you brightened every atmosphere you stepped your feet in. Life without you is hard and sometimes i feel like joining you in the great beyond but if i do that who's going to take care of our kids? i still pray and hope that one day I would up and realize that i am dreaming. I know how much you loved flowers so i planted a garden of flowers round your grave and i make sure to water them daily so that they would keep on blossoming just like your. That's all i have to say for now and i put some things that belongs to me and the kids in this letter so you won't forget us. Rest on my beautiful angel till we meet to part no more.

By the time he was done writing, tears had already soaked his glasses and made his vision blurry.

He removed the glasses and wiped his tears and tried as much as possible to withhold the tears that were threatening to pour down but it was impossible and before he knew what was happening, he burst into sorrowful tears.

The kids heard thier father's cry and immediately they rushed to his room and gave him a big hug which calmed Ken down.


In the heavens above Bloosom watched on Ken and the kids hugged themselves tightly as if they were being separated, tears ran down her and all she could was smile.


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