Chief Jide a 52 year old man, was one of the most successful business men in his country and he was recently named as the 5th richest man in Africa by forbes.

He owned uncountable business plazas all over his country such as block and cement producing factories, bread factories, breweries, food producing industries, household materials industries, various shopping malls, oil and gas industries and so on.


He was the sole proprietor of the largest shopping mall in his country and his oil and gas industry was the largest in Africa, he was the real definition of hardwork would always pay off because some many years ago when he was very young and still finding his feet, things were not so smooth for him but fast forward to the present day, he was a successful and well established man.

His wife Patricia was also a successful business woman who focused mainly on women's clothing and jewelry, they had four children together, 26 year old Felix, 24 year old Peace, 22 year old Jessica and the last born and last son 20 year old Joshua.

There were the perfect family in the eyes of the public because of the way they carried themselves, his two daughters were already married to rich young men who took good care of them and his two sons were the perfect gentlemen, tall, handsome and intelligent but what people did not know was that they had thier own share of problems just like everyone else and in this case the problem they had came in form of the first child and first son Felix.

Felix was what one would call the black sheep of the family because of the amount of controversies he generated but luckily his father would always cover up for him.


He was a chronic drunkard, a sever womanizer, a gambler, a cheat and so on in fact everything that was bad was associated with him, whenever he had a quarrel with someone he would pay thugs to manhandle the person.

When he and his siblings were much younger, he would bully his younger siblings by collecting food or stuff meant for them when their parents were not around and if anyone dared to report him to thier parents he would feign repentance and apologize then the next day he would do the same thing.

The youngest sibling Joshua had it worst because he was timid and easy to bully unlike his sisters who would challenge Felix sometimes but they also received beatings so thier parents decided to hire a young woman who was a part time student to serve as a nanny to the kids and that seemed to do the trick, with the presence of an adult Felix stopped bullying his siblings.

Felix was such a bad egg to the family that Chief Jide started to worry about the future so he called his wife one day so they could discuss about the situation

Honey i am extremely worried about the future of our family

Chief said

What do you mean.

She replied

You know that Felix is a bad bad child and he happens to be the first son and first child of this family so naturally he is expected to inherit everything in this family so I'm worried that if he does inherit everything when i die, he would misuse it and eventually make this family bankrupt.

Chief said with fear in his voice

I have also thought about this but what can we do? we have been covering up his misdeeds for many years now and honestly i am fed up with all the lies we have told people including the rape case, everyday my heart stops beating whenever i remember it and how we covered up the case.

She said with tears in her eyes

Don't cry honey, it's all my fault for raising him that way but it's too late now to blame ourselves so i have decided to pass everything i own to Joshua and his sisters in my will which includes the businessess, industries, houses and every other things but for Felix i would leave money for him so even if he spends it all i would know that Joshua and his sisters would manage every other thing.

Chief said with finality and his wife concurred with him.

Unfortunately for them Felix was listening to every their conversations and before one could say 'jack' he rushed to his room and brought a gun which he used to send his parents to thier early graves, he was still mad with anger when Joshua who was in his room rushed to see what was going on, he froze when he entered his parents room.


Felix was holding a gun looking red in the face and his parents lay on the floor dead, when he composed himself he asked Felix who was now visibly shaking

What did you do Felix?

Felix wanted to say something but words were not coming out of his mouth

You are evil Felix, you are a monster and a devil.

Joshua shouted to Felix with hot tears streaming from his eyes

Joshua brought out his phone and called the police and his sisters who came with their husbands and when they saw thier parents, they burst into tears and cursed Felix who was still shaking

The police finally came but before they could arrest Felix he put the gun on himself and joined his parents in the great beyond.

Three months later after the burials of three of their family members Joshua organized a press conference so as to brief people who Wondered what caused their deaths.

Three of my family members namely Chief and Mrs Jide, Felix Jide passed away three months ago and i know people would be wondering how because they were all healthy before their deaths so that is why i organized this press conference today do as to brief the general public

Joshua cleared his voice and started

My late brother Felix has always been a nuisance to my family but every bad thing he did was always covered up by my late parents, he was always pampered by my late parents because he was the heir to my family's empire and so my father made sure he had everything he wanted but late Felix grew up to be a bad egg but my father covered up his misdeeds behind closed doors so as to avoid soiling the image of this family but on that fateful day Felix decided to send his parents to the great beyond for reasons i do not know because i was in my room when i heard gunshots and..........

His voice started to break but he composed himself and finished the conference

Naturally late Felix Jide is the rightful person to inherit everything but as he is no longer with us today i am the next in line to inherit it thank you.

He stood up and walked away despite questions from the press

Joshua inherited everything his family owned but he made sure to give his sisters their shares, he put his parents death behind him and worked hard to ensure that his family's legacy continued despite the recent unfortunate events.


NB: As a parent you should never try to cover your child's mistakes so instead of covering up for that child, call them aside, correct them and tell them the consequences of their actions and where it would lead them, Chief and Mrs Jide did not correct Felix when he was younger instead they covered up his misdeeds and in the end they ended up being killed by their own son.


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