10 year old Reuben woke up feeling excited halloween was here again, Reuben loved halloween mainly because of the candy of all kinds he was going to gather at the end of the day so he eagerly looked forward to halloween every year.

He ran downstairs and went straight to the kitchen where his mom and little sister were carving pumpkin which they would use to make jack-o'-lanterns.


"Good morning mom, has my captain jack sparrow costume arrived yet?" he asked in excitement.

"Yes dear, it's in my room but before you see it go and help your father outside".

His father was decorating their yard for Halloween, he had already hung up some jack-o'-lanterns in front of their door.

"Good morning dad, do you need help"?

"Morning son, no i don't need help, i know you're excited for Halloween but remember when you go out for trick or treat this night don't go near crazy old john's home do you understand"? His dad asked.

" Yes sir" he answered.

Unknown to his father, he had already planned on going to crazy old john's home with his best friend to know if the adults had been lying to the children all these while.

Crazy old john was a name every kid on the block feared, whenever a kid misbehaved the parents would tell the kid

Crazy old john will come for you if you don't behave"

That seemed to do the trick.

Crazy old john's home was located at the most dreaded part on the block, his home looked very scary from a distance, it was always dark and lonely sometimes one would think that it was a graveyard.

Ben( Reuben's best friend) came to his house around 6pm dressed in a captain jack sparrow costume, they had both decided that thy were going to wear the same costume that day.

They went up to Reuben's bedroom and shut the door, they were hatching a mischievous plan and did not want anybody to hear about it.

" I hope you did not mention our plan to anyone"? Reuben asked.

" No I didn't, i know how important the plan is" Ben said

" Very good, we will leave by 8pm so as to go and come back on time" he said.

" Ok, go and put on your own costume".

They had been planning since last year's halloween, they would visit crazy old john's home that night.

Reuben came up with the plan which initially sounded ridiculous to Ben, but after much persuasions Ben gave in.

When it was time for them to leave, Reuben's father warned him again

" Son,remember what i told you. Both of you should not go near crazy old john's home, is that clear?

" Yes sir", they answered in unsion.

As soon as they were out of sight, they followed a shortcut to crazy old john's home( They had been learning the shortcuts).

The pathway leading to crazy old john's home was very scary, it was completely dark but the boys came prepared with a lantern.

Sometimes they would hear a wolf's cry, sometimes it would seem that snakes and evil birds were watching them, they almost gave up the journey due to fear but an unknown force kept pushing them.

After what seemed like an eternity they arrived at their destination, the gigantic gate that protected the house was locked so they had to sneak into the house through the back, when they were inside the house, they were amazed at the size of the house.

There were at least 30 rooms and the entire house had an eerie atmosphere which scared the boys.

" i am scared reuben" Ben said with fear in his voice.

" me too, this might have been a bad idea" Reuben said.

" Let's go" he said.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed, fogs came out of nowhere, scary music blasted from unknown sources.

When the fogs cleared, crazy old john appeared from nowhere, he was a stout, wiry, old man with an evil look.

" So you two little children dared to sneak into old John's home, you are going to regret doing that hahahahahah"

His laughter was like that of a hyena, before one could say "jack" he disappeared into thin air.

Suddenly, different creatures of all sizes appeared, inanimate objects came to life and danced around the boys, the house got darker, it all seemed surreal.

The boys screamed on top of their voices,

" HELP" !!!!!!!! They cried but no one could hear their cries.

From an unknown angle, a huge dragon like creature appeared but before it could pounce on them Reuben woke up.

Beads of sweat drizzled down his body, he was so scared that his whole body went stiff, he managed to look at the wall clock it was 1pm in the night, sleep had vanished from his eyes.

When dawn finally came, he rushed to Ben's house which was a stones throw from his own home, when he got there he rang the doorbell repeatedly

" Oh, Good morning Reuben" ben's mom who was surprised to see her sons best friend early in the morning and in his pyjamas asked.

" I want to see ben, is he still asleep"? He asked almost out of breath

" No he is awake, you can go up to his room but are you okay??

" Yes Mrs Smith, there is something i want to discuss with him" ben answered while running upstairs to ben's room.

When he got to Ben's room, he knocked like someone who was possessed.

" Reuben? What are you doing here this early, i thought we agreed that we would meet at your house this evening" ben answered while yawning

Reuben entered ben's room and shut the door behind him

" Listen, the plan is off we won't push through with our previous plan do you understand?

" What's going on, are you okay? Ben who was already wide awake asked with alarm in his voice.

" i had a bad dream last night, here's how it goes...............

He narrated his dream to Ben without sparing any details and they both agreed that it was too dangerous to push through with their plan.

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