The Goddess of Mmirinasa — The Inkwell writing prompt.

Ozoemena na n' udo, na n' udo...

It's painful and heartbreaking that your name couldn't speak for you in a time like this (the family of Mazi Obiagu) laments as their son Ozoemena travels to the land of their forefathers.

It's been a tragic year coming for the people of Mmirinasa; Death, loss of animals, pains, agony, dryness, suffering, darkness, hunger has become their best friends since after the visit to Umudibia (a neighboring village).

Mmirinasa (meaning the seven rivers) was a peaceful land in the days of their ancestors, they lived like brothers which they were and sworn never to have anything to do with a fetish gods except that of their land. This has been so not until there was land dispute between the families of Mazi Chifo and Mazi Obinna.


Mazi Chifo and family claims to be the oldest so are to take over the land but Mazi Obinna refused to give out the land as he argues that the land is his, as it was given to him by his fathers…

We shall see Mazi Chifo threatens just when he realised it wasn't just about age and population. For greed, wickedness and desperation Mazi Chifo decided to involve a fetish god far from Mmirinasa.

So he journeyed to Umudibia in search of Anyaugo — the great dibia. On getting there, Anyaugo already knows what he came for, as he refused to attend to him stating that the implications of what he is about doing is too big, and that innocent people of Mmirinasa will also be affected. However, Mazi Chifo pays no attention to what the dibia had said, as he said that he and his family are ready to face whatever that might come from his action.

Mazi Chifo was able to wipe out Mazi Obinna's family, so that he could have free access to the land.

He commenced a building project on the land but unfortunately he didn't live to complete it. His family never knew peace as they suffered for the evil deed of their father, says Ifeakonam — little blind girl who sees beyond the physical realm.

What can we do? The elders of Mmirinasa asked Ifeakonam. All the people of Mmirinasa will assemble at the confluence of the seven rivers in the midnight when the light of the moon shines at its peak. Everyone will be singing and dancing in honour of the goddess of the seven rivers. After that is done, the curse placed on Mmirinasa will be lifted, Ifeakonam said as she walks away.

On that fateful day, the people of Mmirinasa gathered to do that they were instructed to do. As they were all dancing and singing to the goddes of the seven rivers, the sky changed and instantly, a heavy rainfall began. As the rain becomes more heavier, the people of Mmirinasa danced and sang the more! This was done throughout the night.

Afterwards, thee people of Emirinasa finally experienced their freedom and became a happy village again.

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