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Agu the great healer — The inkwell writing prompt

Adaba was a well known kingdom because of Ayawu the great healer (The only man who is said to bring back the dead).people from neighbouring kingdoms will travel far and near just to get treatment from Ayawu the great healer.

There lived a king and his queen who had a very beautiful daughter and a son — the crown prince, whom they were so fond of. Princess Mmasi was a very beautiful girl just like her name implied and was exceptionally loved by the king because she was said to be a reincarnation of his mother. She was brave, smart, intelligent ,calm as a dove and kind hearted regardless of social class as such was loved by many.


Princess Mmasi was given a preferential treatment where she would be woken by the sound of the flute and praised just as it was done to the late queen mother — the king's mother. It was said to be a way of showing respect to her). Princess Mmasi will always come out joyous because of that wonderful sound.

So one day the princess went to bed as usual and there came the sound of the flute and praises but she couldn't stand up from her chambers. The senior guard reported to the king (Get me the great healer at once the king demanded).

What must be done to restore the princess' health? The king asked. Hmm my king, What has befallen the princess is a strange sickness which is very rare and I don't have the herbs needed to restore her back to health. The healer said.

The king lost in his fears couldn't help but scream so what can be done? You must prepare the crowned prince as he is the one that the gods have chosen to take up this adventurous journey to Udalaemiri forest, there he will find a cure to the princess' illness but I must warn you my king, this land is the land of the dead. So the prince must be fully prepared to live or die for the princess.

Agu, the prince happens to be ready to do anything just to save his sister. Rid him of his SHOES and his princely robe as he will be fortified to leave for udalaemiri at once.

Agu was taken to his chambers where all the necessary preparations were made as he left for Udalaemiri where was believed to be the only way out for the princess' illness. It was a difficult journey for the prince but the gods were with him and guided him throughout his journey.

Two days after he left for the journey, the prince returned safe with the flower and became the hero of their time who saved the beloved princess and this alone changed the mood of Adaba kingdom for good.

To celebrate the the Prince's return, the king called for feast for the people of Adaba, where they all sang and danced throughout the day. The kingdom became calm — as it used to be, as everything became normal.

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