Something was wrong!!!
Lily felt an ominous vibe as she walked into her home, she had been here before, Kunle’s car in the driveway when he should be at work, the gateman trying to prevent her from coming into her own home, a pair of heels she didn’t own by the foot of the stairs, passionate sounds emanating from the bedroom…this was De Javu.
As she walked slowly towards the bedroom she could feel tears already rolling down her eyes, She knew Kunle had continued going behind her back even after the first affair but as long as he had kept it away from their matrimonial home she hadn’t had a problem with it, but now he had crossed that line.
As she entered the bedroom she noticed the two bodies entangled in the heat of passion, they didn’t notice her and she was tempted to reach into his wardrobe, take his handgun and shoot both of them in the leg just so they could feel half of the pain she was in, but she didn’t.
“Would you and your lady friend like something to eat when you’re done Kunle?” She asked ever so softly.
Her husband sprang off the bed quicker than he had ever moved in his life, Lily took a closer look at the woman with him, she had seen her at his office retreat, she was married to one of the executives at Kunle’s company, at least it wasn’t her family member this time.
“Baby I can explain, it’s not what you think” Kunle stuttered grabbing his clothes.
“No need, I’m going out now, I just wanted to know if you’d like me to make something for you before I headed out” Lily responded, her voice so soft and calm you would think she had walked into her husband gardening instead of cheating on her.
“Lily please, I’m so sorry,” Kunle said reaching for her, she walked out of the room holding back tears that fought to burst out of her eyes.
Two days later she was sitting in an interrogation room with police officers screaming at her.
“…Where did you ditch the gun!!! You better cooperate with us, you’re not getting out of this…”
She drifted in and out of consciousness, her mind constantly escaping the chaos around her, seeking solace in memories of times when she had been happy, Before her husband cheated on her, before her mom passed away, before she quit her job, before she had lost her baby, maybe if she’d given him a child he would feel some sense of loyalty towards her instead of philandering with anything wearing a skirt.
“Where have you been in the last two days?? Who was your accomplice?!” the detective banged the table dragging her attention back to the problem in front of her.
“After leaving my house? I drove to my mother’s house” she responded weakly.
“Was your mother home? Can she corroborate your story?!”
“My mother is dead” She answered simply.
“Then why did you drive to her house?! Who saw you there?! You don’t realize the amount of trouble you are in, you could go to jail for the rest of your life” the detective spat at her, he had a reputation for shaking up the most hardened criminals, unfortunately, all of his tactics had been a waste on Lily, her mind neither comprehended the situation nor cared what would happen to her.
“Why am I going to jail when he betrayed me? He should be going to jail.” Lily said matter of factly, her gaze moving weakly from one police officer to the other.
Her mind shut down afterward and everything around her faded away.
She was dragged back to reality hours later by a familiar voice and a very tight hug.
“My baby, it’s okay, you’re coming home with me”
“Daddy…why am I here,” she asked processing the fact that her father was with her in wherever this awful place was.
“Don’t worry about it, your gateman has given his statement, and the woman survived, she has cleared your name…it was her husband, don’t worry about it…you’re coming home.” Her father struggled between explaining and simultaneously kissing his daughter.
Lily only began to understand everything that had happened a week later, she was still traumatized but a part of her was relieved, she felt a little guilty for informing Kunle’s boss about the affair but she had expected him to fire her husband not end his life…Karma could be mean sometimes.

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