Detective Mike felt sorry for the girl in the interrogation room, she hadn’t stopped crying since she had been arrested and brought in. He wondered if she was innocent, the evidence suggested otherwise but she was so disheartened and traumatized by the events of the day that he wasn’t sure she had the gall for murder…he flicked through her case file wondering how to get the whole story out of her, he took a deep breath and stepped into the room to begin his interrogation.

“How does a nice girl like you get mixed up with a guy like Jerry?” He asked, genuine concern in his voice.
“I met Jer at a party, he was a really sweet guy and he made sure I got home safe and we just kept hanging out afterward…I didn’t kill him” she sobbed uncontrollably.
“Your prints were found on his body and in his apartment and a neighbor saw you fleeing the scene the day before…this will be a lot easier if you cooperate…things aren’t looking good for you as it is!!!” Mike was almost screaming, the girl kept insisting on her innocence but had provided no reason to believe her claims up until now.
“Jer and I hooked up a couple of times, I wanted a serious relationship. He wanted us to stay casual and keep hooking up so I called it off, He tried to get me to come back to him but I wasn’t willing to settle and we didn’t speak for over a month…until yesterday…the worst day of my life...”

Annie had woken up in a really good mood, she had only one lecture today and was planning to do some shopping afterward, maybe even cook.
As she prepared to step out of the house she received a message from Jer. He had left her alone for a month, she wondered what he could want now. She had started to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend and they were planning a future together, it didn’t matter how much of a good lover Jer was, it wasn’t worth jeopardizing what she had now.
She didn’t notice her phone slip from her hands and drop to the floor, Jer’s message was a video of her…unclad and wild…he was blackmailing her.
Did she think about all the terrible things that could happen to her if this video ever got out, when had he even recorded her? The video showed him as well but she knew he wasn’t bothered about the repercussions of this getting out…only she would face the backlash.

She got in her car and sped towards his apartment to confront him, she had shared more than her body with Jer, she deserved better than blackmail and threats!!! As she drove into his estate she noted that most of the neighbor's cars weren’t there, what if this escalated and she needed to call for help? She was already here and she intended to face him and settle this once and for all.
“Jerry!!! Where are you!!!” She walked right into his apartment without knocking, she was furious and she intended to show him that she wasn’t one to be threatened…if only she had just driven home instead.

“So what did you see when you walked into the house?” Detective Mike asked, glad that he was finally getting somewhere.
“Jer was lying on the ground…he wasn’t breathing…there was blood…I panicked…I didn’t know what to do!!!” She cried.
“It didn't cross your mind to call the police?”
“No…the video…you would think I had something to do with what happened to him!!!” She blurted in between bouts of tears and choking sounds.

He felt sorry for her, if she was being honest then this must all be truly traumatizing for her, he requested the video and she provided it from her phone. He had seen work like this before, this video might be the only thing that saved her from the charges against her.

She was slowly falling asleep four hours later when he walked in and started to uncuff her.
“I found the cameras he used to record you…you weren’t the only female he tried to blackmail with footage like that…that was his MO…Lucky for you, one of they cameras corroborates your story and shows the actual cause of death…you are free to go”.

She couldn’t believe her ears, she was thankful, exhausted. She had gone from being scared of a video to almost going down for murder, as she closed her eyes and said a prayer of thanks to God for saving her, she thanked him for using Jeff’s video to vindicate her.

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