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Theinkwell writing challenge: A cross to bear

"Why me?, What on earth have I not done?, Who will hear my story and not judge me? " Sandra thought to herself amidst tears while sitting under the lanky palm tree in her backyard. She was lost in agony and didn't notice Kate come into the house. Kate had been her blossom friend, though they lost contact few years back.

"Sandy where are you?", Kate kept shouting while searching the rooms. As she got no response and decided to leave, she heard very low murmurs comimg from the backyard. She quietly opened the back door and there was Sandra. She watched Sandra wallow in misery, and soon enough, she also became teary and started crying. Her shadow cast a figure that scared Sandra and brought her back to reality.
"Kate! When did you come? How long have you been standing? " Sandra said in a very depressing tone. Instead of a reply, Kate moved closer and gave her a warm hug. This was all Sandra needed at the moment. After a period of consolation, they moved to the parlour and Sandra began to recount her experiences in her search for a child.

She had a very supportive husband who despite their childlessness for 19years, never stopped loving her. They had visited several hospitals, churches and even traditional herbalists, all to no good.

There was one man called Edward who she met through Rob her uncle. "Call me Eddy" he had told her the first time they met. Instead of proferring a solution to her problem, he kept fixing dates for them to meet at obscene places, insisting she comes without her husband. All this she agreed to, yet no child. Another woman, Mama Ada a herbalist, kept extorting money from them, still she didn't conceive. They even met a man who instructed them to bath once in a week for two months. This they did and it was still not productive.
Their desperation for a child made them willing to do anything and everything. And that was how they got into a big mess.

The praises of Baba Yaba was everywhere, and so they decided to give a try. He assured them that they would have a child, and they could even select the sex of the child provided they sacrifice her husband's sanity. This was the toughest decision they ever had to make.


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Seeing it as a promising one, they conceded and the sacrifice was made. Five weeks later, Sandra noticed she was pregnant and this made her super excited. She shared the news with her husband who was locked in a room because he was already acting like a mad man. He was locked inside to avoid raising suspicion. Only Sandra and the medicine man knew of his condition.
"He traveled for work and the network is poor over there" was the reply she gave anyone looking for her husband.

Unfortunately, after 2 months, she lost the pregnancy. Sandra attempted suicide at several occasions, but somehow, someone managed to save her. That was when it dawned on her that she took a bad step. Her only support, which was her husband had sacrificed his sanity for this, and to what end? She cried every day and night, and cursed the day she was born. She became angry at everything and everyone. She now had to live with her insane husband for the rest of her life. It was in this condition that Kate found her.
Indeed this time, they went too far. Now Sandra understood the saying that 'the devil is never to be trusted.'

This is my Entry to theinkwell writing challenge

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