The Road less traveled// the inkwell writing prompt

Philip was a runner who had won several awards in the past. Running wasn't just a career to him but a lifestyle, he had started running since he was 8 and this he does everyday to keep fit. He was married to Ann, a beautiful lady from California, she was an encouragement to him. The world seems to be against him the day he was diagnosed with arthritis rheumatism.

"You can no longer run, Mr Philip" the doctor told him.

"No way," he said aloud. He stood up leaping as he paced around the office. "Running is what keeps me happy," he said, resting his back on the wall. "Please, there's something you can do, find a way" he persuaded the doctor who only kept nodding his head in pity.

"I suggest you take a break from running, your health matters a lot at this moment" Ann said sitting next to her husband who was lost in thought. She tapped his shoulders gently when she realized he wasn't paying attention to her.

"Yes! Yes!" He jerked off from his thoughts.

"How I'm I going to cope?" He asked his wife when he noticed her staring at him in pity.

"You'll be fine, just know you can't be a runner forever". The thought of it pained him.


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It had been two weeks since Philip had been bedridden. He lied on the bed facing the ceiling, "I long to be out on the field once again" he said to his wife who had been an encouragement to him since he suffered from arthritis rheumatism, tears almost dropping down his cheek.

"I understand" she could feel his pain, being separated from what he loved to do and had become a part of it.

Sometimes Philip sits up and moves his legs as if running, other times he tries to run standing up which always seems impossible.

He resolved to take a walk around his garden every morning, and sometimes walk up and down the stairs. During the weekends, his wife drives him to watch others race on track, he sits there and reminisces on the days he could run.

"What's the worst thing that can happen if I still go out to run?" he asked the doctor one faithful day.

"You'll not be able to walk again" the doctor responded.

"And what will happen a few years from now if I stop running?"

The doctor looked at him with pity, he needed to tell him the truth, he understood what it meant separating him from running.

"You'll still be crippled, I have just one piece of advice for you, do what you can now before it grows worse".

The next morning, Philip dressed up in his tracksuit, he was ready to take the high risk, if only he could run again once before he goes crippled. He kneed and positioned his body for a run. He looked at the track lines with tears of joy as he wait for the count, he had missed this and couldn't wait to take up the run

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