The Prophecy|| The Inkwell Writing Prompt

King Darius called his wise men in private, he has had visions about him been dethroned by a child.
"What does the documentary on the prophecy of a child say?", He enquired.
" That at this time during the appearance of a full moon, a child will arise from one of the Southern kingdoms to reign", the eldest among the wise men said.
King Darius paced around his chamber troubled by the prophecy as it was three weeks to the full moon.
"What can I do to avert or delay this prophecy?" He asked.
" At the cave of Amaddon, there the moon is birth. If you can distract the gods who rule the moon from worshipping it for 7 days, the season will be passed and the child will not be born" the sorcerer replied.
He made some enchantments throwing dice on a map that directed him to where the cave is located.
" Take this", he said handing out a compass to him " This compass will guide you, beware of the hungry creatures that feed at moonlight".

He watched the vineyards he had planted, the gold he had accumulated, and the name he had made for himself, he wasn't ready to lose it to a lineage that never existed from his loins.
" I shall be away for some weeks and while I'm away, watch the kingdom with utmost interest," he said to his eldest sons. " I'm doing this for you". He added while wrapping the materials he had been given to assist him through the journey.


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King Darius took with him 50 guards, all armed against the pestilence that flies by night. The path to the cave of Amaddon was full of twists and tricks, there was no day, the compass became their only guide. The howling of owls and vampires became their nightmare. However, there was a little torment compare to that of losing his kingdom to a child. After seven days of walking through the forest, he got to the cave, all crested with the shape of a moon. The moon was their only source of light and power. The cave was full of weird-looking creatures, all busy to keep the moon shining for their survival.
"What has brought you to Amaddon?" A voice echoed from the wall of the cave. The king shrieked in fear.
"I'm king Darius..." he started,
"Yes I know, what has brought you to Amaddon I asked?, Interrupting.
He wondered ways to distract the gods when they were invisible.
"I need your help," he said.
The invisible creature laughed indistinctively. "What possible help can I offer, I only rule the moon"
" Yes, yes, that's it" king Darius exclaimed." I want you to skip the season, stop the moon from growing fully".

There was silence for about 10 minutes. "It comes with a price," the voice said. King Darius listened carefully, "You will either choose to go blind your entire life, or lose your linage and live alone". King Darius pondered on the options, they were much of a sacrifice for him to give. In disappointment, he turned and left.

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