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The enemy//The inkwell writing prompt

Early January 1990, a letter was delivered to Jehu, a retired Nazi's soldier, who was now living among the Canadians. On the sealed envelope was "Painful exit" written in red ink. He wondered whose death it was. He was an orphan. Reluctantly, he pulled out the seal and reached for the letter.

Lieutenant Cornelius has been murdered. The suitcase he was holding was taken, no one knows what was in it the letter read.

Jehu had met Lieutenant Cornelius a few months before his retirement, he never knew much about him but remembered Cornelius once told him about the briefcase containing some vital secrets. No one knew what the secret was, but then Jehu became anxious. If Cornelius had lost his life as a result of it, then it was worth digging to know the truth.

Jehu traveled down to Germany to investigate the murder of his dear friend. He looked around the scattered room, his shoes and clothes thrown carelessly on the other side of the room, everywhere was in a mess. He recalled Cornelius sounded disturbed the last time they spoke on phone, his mood wasn't as lively as he knew him to be. The only sentence he still recalled vividly was "I'm being followed" . He blamed himself for never asking who his friend suspected. He scanned the disorganized room hoping to find answers, but then if only he had a clue of what was in the briefcase, it would have helped him fetch out suspects.


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"Did you see Cornelius with anyone a few days before his death?" Jehu inquired from his neighbors.

"No, he was always isolated and reserved," one of the neighbors said.

"The last time I saw him, he was running as if being chased by an enemy," another said.

"The last time I saw Mr Cornelius was a month ago, and was shocked to hear of his death". The third neighbor said.

Jehu felt something was wrong, Cornelius was never an introvert and being a military man, he ought to have stood and fight whatever was his fear except If his enemy was someone he couldn't conquer. The snapped his finger, "that was it, his enemy was someone he couldn't conquer thereby running into hiding".

Jehu pulled open all his drawers searching for more clues and he discovered a picture that seemed to have been taken 30 years ago. In the picture was Major Gaius, Captain Alfred, and Lieutenant Cornelius holding the same briefcase. If anyone knew about that briefcase, then it would be Major Gaius and Captain Alfred who had been his friends for a long time. He turned the back of the picture and saw a faint writing on it. He exposed it in a lens, on the back of the picture was written YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS ARE YOUR WORSE ENEMY. He bowed his head in pity, if he ever was going to bring them to justice, he first needed to get the briefcase and know what was in it.

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