Tea Time|| The Inkwell Writing Prompt #19

Johnson hugged his mum passionately, it's been 10 years since he last visited home and one thing he missed was the native tea, there's a way his mum prepares it that makes it taste special. He was a tall, dark guy with a foreign affluent.
"Hey mum"
"I told you I don't understand you when you start speaking in this affluent" His mum teased
" I have missed you," he said
" Especially my special African tea" she added, " It will always make you remember home"
He smiled. Nothing much has changed as he glances through the room, there was juppy, his mum pet dog panting and jumping around the house, her favorite local pots neatly packed in a corner, she had always kept them to be a reference for her life story.
"Where's Dad," he asked after he noticed he was not sitting in the garden where he usually does.
"He Got a new hobby?" They both laughed, then she continued "the same golf game he hated".
"Go see him, it's almost tea Time"


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They sat on a round table sipping from the served Cup of tea. Dad cleared his throat to break the silence.
"Son, it's been ten years you've been away..."
"Don't remind me how much I had missed him" his mum interrupted.
"Alright I wouldn't talk on that part" he answered.
Johnson sat silently observing how his parents kept intruding into each other, he grim; they've not changed a bit he mumbled and that was something he liked about them.
"We are growing old, when do you....?"
".... Intend to get married?" He chipped in.
"Yes, get married" his mum added.
He knew saying "soon" wouldn't be accepted by them, he had always used that line and he believed they were prepared for a talk today.
"I have a lady I'm planning to get married to"
His mum smiled broadly, "why haven't you introduced her?"
"Woman, allow the boy to speak" his dad interrupted. Johnson grim then continued, ''she's a white lady". He waited patiently to see his parent's reaction.

They whispered between themselves as he watched their faces in other to steal a reaction but they showed no emotion.
"If you love her then we will give you our blessings"
This was the first time they both agreed on a matter without a long argument.
"Next time, come with her so we could talk in a Tea Time like this, I would want her to taste from our native tea".

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