Dwarves against the goblins: The ink well fiction writing prompt #8

A dwarf murmured to himself as he searched around for a tree to hide from the sun burning his bald head. The day had turned out unfortunate for him as he scoured around the sparse trees to fetch some fruit. He was later awoken by some movement along the bush path, quickly, he climbed the tree dreaded from the noisy footsteps.
"Let me go" cried a child. The dwarf now more curious peeped through the leaves and saw some goblins dragging a boy. He remained still to avoid making noises to alert them. A goblin pulled out a porch and struck the now shaky child inside of it as they walked eastward toward the hills.

One of the goblins walked toward the tree as if to have glimpsed the presence of someone, he opened his nose into the air sneezing the dust. Slowly he moved to search after something he must have perceived. "Zalfa, " the commander called having noticed him afar. Quickly he walked away, the dwarf sigh, it was so close for him to have been caught.
"I saw the goblins abducting a child" he explained.
"Today we will put an end to this" the chief of the dwarf responded and the council agreed. They made set for war.
"Which way did they go? The chief enquired.
"The east along the hills" he responded.
They packed their weapons and moved eastward along the hills after the goblins. Gaza among the dwarves was tracing the direction the goblins walked through the footprints left on the sand.



The dwarf had walked 6 hours without a trace of them when they realized the goblins had tricked them.
"If we return from where we saw the double footprints it would be difficult catching up with them, let's cut across this river and meet with them ahead" one of the dwarves suggested.

The child's mum patiently waited for her child, she wasn't surprised to have seen him stayed longer He must have gone to fetch some extra fruits the mother thought.

The dwarves saw the goblins from afar and rushed to catch up with them before they cross the river. The dwarves launched an attack on the goblins defended. the sound of knives clashing as the fight became tough could be heard. The atmosphere became polluted with a blood spill. The goblins at a point kept throwing charm powers but were ineffective and when the battle became too hot, the goblins ran away leaving the porch behind.

The child revived after some time being suffocated and was returned home before dusk.

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