David's Phobia :The Inkwell Writing #Prompt 12

I am David, and I was 6, too young, and vulnerable to be deceived, I was the 2nd child in the family of Mr. Samuel. Having an elder brother who was 6 years older than me, I trusted him with his words. "If you wave at those white birds flying high the sky, your fingers will have a white mark," he told me. Each day I never failed to wave at the birds, any sign of a white mark I notice on my finger, I surmise it was from the birds. Look at the sky, the symbol inside the moon is our beloved mary clenching Jesus, we were too small to think contrary to what we were told, just after a tale by moonlight, we stayed under the moon and admire the woman in the moon.

My elder brother must have glimpsed how easy it was for me to believe him when he introduced me to a phobia for some small red insects. Your entire generation will die if you ever kill any of these insects, he said, I had mistakenly stepped on them that day and I believed I was going to die, but later noticed none died, so I was relieved tension but I became so conscious about the red insects and grew an intense fear for them. I was no longer the free me who walks carelessly without taking notice of what lies on my path, I took my steps with caution.


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I tried to find prudent ways to manage my phobia, but the more I was careful was the more afraid I became. The red insects were almost everywhere, it was either I faced my fears or keep running. I will protect you from the insect if you give me a share of your meat and I kept giving my elder brother my share of meat, it didn't help either, the fear was already formed within me. Unfortunately, I never recovered from this fear during my childhood, I grew up still believing if I ever kill any of those insects, my entire generation will be wiped out.

My elder brother must have forgotten what he told me when he squashed the red insects with his shoes. Quickly I drew his attention to the consequence of what he had done, which was likely to affect me. His face was blank as he stared at me,
"Kill which generation," he asked.
"You told me so when we were little"
"Me?, I can't remember telling you anything of such" he responded.
I illustrated the incident that happened but he denied having told me anything about the insect. I had lived my entire childhood running from an insect that made me conscious of playing around the environment only to realized none of what I ever believed was true. My phobia for those insects seizes afterward.

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