Captain Wades//The Inkwell Writing Prompt

It was a cold and calm evening, the river from which captain Wades sailed on was foggy, He could barely see what was ahead of him. He cursed as he drove the ship in search of a shore to rest for the night.

"Get me the telescope" he said to Adam, a short, dark man who served as an assistant to him. Captain wades often worked with men whom he was taller than, he believed they should see things for him from beneath when his height wouldn't let him bend so low. He looked through the telescope and saw what looked like a plain land from afar, soon he turned his steering heading to that direction.

It was too late for captain wades when he realized he was heading toward an iceberg. The steering became stiff as he struggled to change direction, soon Adam joined the force but gave up trying when he realized the iceberg was closer than he thought. They feared death from being trapped in the middle of a large river.

"Check if there's a crack at the bottom"

"There's an opening letting water into the ship, '' Adam said after returning. Slowly the ship started to sink, no life jacket nor was there a lifeboat.

"Just stay calm" captain wades told Adam who was already confused.

"I can't swim," Adam said.

"Neither can I" the captain said.

"But you told me you can swim" Adam was shocked by Wade's response.

"I lied, but let's not focus on it, we should think of a possible way out".


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The evening was growing colder as it drizzled. It was dark already, no ships were traveling on that river at that time of the night.

"Do you have a confession to make? At Least, let's get to know our secrets before we die '' Captain Wades suggested, the cold shook him violently making him rattle his teeth. Adam nodded without saying a word.

"Let's start with you," said Captain Wades.

"Let's start with you" Adam said as he shivered from the cold.

"I was the one who stole your golden wristwatch" Adam said after Adams insisted that he start, "Don't kill me yet, we all will surely die" he added when he realized captain wades was furious.

"So what's your secret"

"I have no secret, I had always suspected you to be the one who stole my wristwatch, I just wanted to be sure" Captain Wades Said. "But I'll die peacefully now knowing not to trust short men"

Adam chuckled, but soon became fearful when he realized the ship was almost sinking.

Captain wades felt there was no need fighting for a golden wristwatch when he was about to die. Amidst the thought, he lifted up his eyes and saw a ship from afar, he flashed his torchlight several times in that direction. Adam and captain wades sat beside each other in the ship. Adam knew captain wades was going to ask for his golden wristwatch when they got to safety and he planned to run. Captain Wades never saw Adam again.

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