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It was the last month in the year 2020, a time where crops were ripe for harvest. The Gbagyi natives harvested their crops in preparation for the big yearly festival. Natives of the village staying in the cities returned home to join in the celebration.

"My sons and daughters will be coming back home this year" Mr. Basssy repeatedly told anyone who visited him. He was aged with gray hair, tall, slim, and had a hunchback as a result of farm work. The major occupation of the Gbagyi people was farming, and each year farmers presented their crops before the elders, whoever had much yield for the year was crowned "The King of farmers for that year". Mr. Bassey had won this award several times. He couldn't wait to show his sons the yields he had gotten from his harvest.

Gon!Gon!Gon! "The end of the year festival is here again, a time where farmers would present their yields boasting God's blessing on their land with fertile soil. there shall be a presentation of gifts from the king to all farmers" the town crier announced as he moved round the village. Mr. Bassey grim, he was now old, his strength failed him to farm as he used to when he was much younger.

"What is this festival all about?" Michael, who had visited Mr. Bassey, to witness the celebration, asked.

"The Gbagyi people are known for farming and their lands being fertile. This celebration is a symbol of appreciation to God who had granted us a bountiful harvest and the gifts given each year to farmers is an appreciation for keeping the heritage of the culture at heart".

"Now I see," Michael said, staring at the awards Bassey had confidently placed on the wall.

The day of the celebration came. Sound of drums echo through the neighboring villages, the atmosphere saturated with the sound of harps and gongs, parents dressed in their natives attires as well as the youths. Children danced to the sound of the music, farmers transporting their yields to the playground, while strangers came to witness the event. Everyone was busy preparing for this day.


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"Let's see who will win the crop festival this year now that Mr. Bassey is frail," the maidens discussed.

"I guess Mazi Okonkwo will lead this year" one of the maidens said.

"I don't think so, Uche Okolo had cultivated the most fields this year," another maiden replied.

"Let's wait and see, it's just a few hours from now to know who will win this year". The chief maiden said.

At 10:00AM the festival began with traditional dancing, followed by the masquerade dance.

"I know most of you are eagerly awaiting to know who will become the king of farmers this year, now we are about to begin". The master of the ceremony was announced. Farmers presented their produce for that year, large tubers of yam, bags of rice, maize, beans, millets, and wheat. The crowd were amazed at how much the farmers had harvested for the year. The king was exceedingly pleased with the harvest, and cherished the fact that young men still hold onto their culture of farming.

"I'm glad with the harvest this year" the king announced as he gave his speech, "I was holding I will get a winner, but it turned out I got winners, it's not about how much our land was able to yield but that we worked to maintain that which our culture is known for, and I hope it continue from generation to generation" the king said as he ended his speech. People gave a clapping ovation as he took his seat.

"The winner for this year's harvest is Uche Okolo". People who were in his support jumped in joy as they celebrated him. Two other winners were called out and presented a gift. Everyone was surprised to know it was a tractor for a gift aside from the local hoe. "The king had welcomed modernized farming". everyone said.

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