Skunks And Arizonas || A high Grade Story

"Dad please don't leave us. We are too young to Fend for ourselves."

"The clouds are always there to guide you my sons."

"Without you, our lives would be miserable."

"Don't say that. The prophecies say that two great kingdoms shall come from you my sons."

The young boys couldn't stand the sight of their father The High Grade about to give up the ghost.

"Arizona, Skunk, My sons place your hands on My chest. Do you feel my heart beat fading away. This heart has always beat for you two alone. You both are twins, never let anyone come between you. Share everything I leave behind equally. Once you fight with each other, it would take thousands of bloodshed to bring you back at peace with each other."


Those were the last words of the High grade as he kicked the bucket and joined his ancestors. Arizona and Skunk obeyed everything that their father has said. They lived in peace and shared theINHERITANCE" from their father equally. The only thing that couldn't be shared was the Magical Field. Instead of this to cause problem between them, they decided to seal the field and no one could access the magical powers of the field.

With time the twins got married, had children, grand children and slowly two great kingdoms started forming. There was peace through out the life time of the Twins.

       80 years later

Sadly after the death death of the twins, their descendants began to have interest in the magical Field. There was A meeting between the top officials of both kingdom.

"How can we live in poverty and Suffering, When our ancestors left us with a great magical Field."

"This field have been sealed off to avoid anything that would bring quarrel between the two kingdom."

"They were barely kids when they took that decision. We are adults we can use the field together without having to fight."

"Come to think of it, the field has magic that could heal, make one fly, see the future and so many amazing magic."

After the meeting, both kingdom agreed to unseal the Magic Field and that was the beginning of their downfall. With time, greed came into play and each kingdom wanted more portion of the field for themselves.

      100 Years later

Two war Lords are seen in opposite sides of a battle field each of them on royal horses with their army behind them fully prepared for battle.

"Surrender now, and you will live." The Emperor Of The Skunk kingdom shouted

"We will rather die than surrender to a Tyrant like you."
The king of the Arizonas replied.



Both sides screamed as they ran towards each other. You could hear the Sounds of clashing swords, The Wushing sounds of flying arrows. Dead bodies were falling and matched upon and the battle continued for hours. Thousands died in the battle.

This was just the beginning of the war between the Skunks and the Arizonas. Several attempts has been made to bring peace between the two kingdom, all to no avail.

   500 Years Later

Several Hundred Convoys of armored cars are seen with war vehicles and some soldiers on foot matching towards a certain kingdim. Few miles ahead of them lies a fortified kingdom, with soldiers at every corner with heavy weapons fully prepared for battle. Helicopters were Hovering round the city. Inside one of the helicopters, a soldier spoke With a mega phone

"Soldiers of Skunk kingdom! Turn around now. You are fighting for A lost cause. The magic Field rightly belongs to us. You can never penetrate our kingdom. Turn back before..."

He was still speaking when a bazooka was released towards his direction and set the helicopter ablaze and it came crashing in flames. And the battle began. The sounds of guns of different sizes could be heard. Missiles flew from every direction. Explosions were heard at every corner. It was indeed A bloody battle and thousands fell.

     50 years later

These constant battles led to a strong enmity between the Skunk and Arizona Kingdoms. You can never see someone from the opposite kingdom in the same space. In fact, it was A taboo in both kingdoms to have anything to do with the other Kingdom.

Despite this, there was a couple who came to fall in love with each other. The man was an Arizona why the lady was a skunk. They always met in secret, eventually the lady got pregnant and the secret couldn't be hidden any more. They were both captured and imprisoned. They allowed the lady to concieve. Once the child was born, he was snatched away from his mother. Before HW was snatched away, the Lady named him Udo [Which Meant PEACE In A local dialect] The sentence for interacting with the enemy was death, therefore the couple were hung at the boundary of the two kingdoms. Their body was left to rot while hanging as a sign to both the Arizonas and the Skunks Never To have anything to do with each other. This hatred between the two kingdoms continued for several years.


An old man with a blunt in one hand stood by in the woods watching as The boy Udo was brought to a hidden orphanage home. The old man started fidgeting and screaming.

"This is him!
He is the chosen one!!
He is the one to bring peace between the Skunks and the Arizonas."

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