The Inkwell Fiction Prompt #21: Main Street Miracle


Hello everyone, Am Divine and this is what happened in my street few days ago. This story is actually about me.
Back from school very exhausted from the thunderous back to back lectures we have been having some weeks ago. Tired, hungry and broke. There was no food in my lodge and I don’t have cash at hand.
I decided to knock on my next door neighbors room to know if he had something in the house. It appears he was suffering the same faith as I was.
“If only I could get a thousand naira, I would use it to get something to eat” he said.
At the mention of a thousand naira, I remembered I had one thousand, one hundred and fifty naira which is approximately 3USD in my bank account. I got my ATM and my friend optioned to follow me to the POS center.
At the POS, the man was busy attending to other customers, so we had to wait. After some minutes, we made the withdrawals and was about to leave. The man called us back and gave us five thousand naira approximately 12USD. He said that the man who just withdrawed before us asked him to give us the money after he left. We we’re shocked to our toes. We looked around for the man to say at least thank you but he was nowhere to be found.
Could people like this still be existing in this earth??
U was shocked. I shared the money with my friend and we went home happily.
The money was indeed useful. Am saying a big thank you to this person if he’s here reading this. It was actually an unexpected miracle happening before my eyes.
Getting help from a total stranger I never got the chance to talk to or even look at his face properly. Things like this rarely happens in my side of street.. Especially MY MAIN STREET. But I witnessed it today.

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