What are best friends for?


“You couldn’t borrow a car?” Isla asked as she adjusted herself on the vespa for the hundredth time.

“Er I don’t have any friends that have a car, do you?” Nikki said.

“We have the same friends.”

The wind blew into their hair as Isla adjusted the “package” between them.

They had been friends for twenty years, and when Isla had needed Nikki in the middle of the night, she’d come hot foot without batting an eye at the reason.

“Where are we going?” Isla turned her head around.

“You’ll see.”

“Do we have to dig? But we haven’t got shovels.”

“Again, we don’t know anyone who has a shovel. So we’re improvising.”

Isla remained silent. A little sigh escaped her, which made Nikki turn momentarily.

“It’s not a crazy idea. Quite normal.”

“None of this is normal, if we get caught…”

A flashlight shined up ahead and Isla whispered

“Turn back.”

Nikki, continued and soon they reached the source of the flashlight.

A policeman waved them down.

“What are you two doing in the middle of the night? What is that between you two?”

Isla opened her mouth but a small croak came out.

Nikki, however, smiled

“We’re setting up a piñata for our kid’s birthday party. It’s tomorrow morning, so we thought of decorating it early.”

The policeman looked at the “package” and the two girls,

“Why now? This doesn’t make sense. Show me the package.”

Nikki screwed up her face and shouted at Isla

“I told you to do in the evening, but no you had to go for your power-yoga-spin-pilates.”

Isla blinked and cleared her throat

“You came home early from work, but yeah your Netflix is more important than decorating our child’s party venue.”

She let out a little cry.

The verbal volley continued and the policeman took a step back.

“Er, you can leave.”

The fight abated and Nikki sped away quickly.

“Looked like a body.” The policeman muttered to himself.

“Phew. I’m glad men hate raised, shrill voices.” Nikki grinned.

“He looked suspicious, but he really couldn’t take the noise.”

They cackled and sped in silence until they reached the river.

“It’s full moon at midnight, feels like a ritual.” Nikki said

Isla rolled her eyes and dumped the “package”.

“Ugh thank God, mom would have killed me if she saw this in my apartment.”

“Stop buying these Japanese dolls, I’m not up for another midnight run.”

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