The scent of apple pie


"Nina, the apple pie tastes funny."

Nina did not look up from her work "That's because mom copies this French bakery and adds some cheese to it, should be delicious though."

Nina's co-worker opened her mouth to speak, looked at the collage of post it notes on Nina's desk and just left the barely eaten apple pie there.

As Nina rifled through some papers, she accidentally knocked the apple pie off the table. Sighing, she put in the dust bin and went outside for some fresh air.

She decided to check her texts, one was from her sister asking her to pick up their mom and take her to the doctor. Nina rolled her eyes, her sister always did this, pawned of her work at the last minute citing her kids' busy schedule as the excuse. She exhaled and called her mom.

"Who is this?"

"Really mom, you don't have my number saved?"

"Ah, I um okay."

"I have to take you to the doctor, just get ready and I'll swing by in the evening, you booked the appointment, right?"

"I'm not sure."

"Ah whatever, I'll do it, just be ready mom, so we don't waste any time, I have a major marketing event at night, I can't miss it."

"Yes, I'll be ready."

That evening Nina went down to her mom's house to find her sleeping near the main gate, she looked around and gently woke up her mom.

"I'm sorry mom, what are you doing outside in the cold, let's warm you up inside before leaving."

Nina guided her mom to the door. She entered the safety code, but the door didn't budge.

"Mom, did you change the safety code? What's the new one?"

"Let's just go, it's late."

Nina entered the hospital and her phone started ringing off the hook. She left her mother in the waiting room and went outside to take calls.

"I'll be right there, I told you I had a family thing."

"What do you mean the gifts are not ready? I confirmed this yesterday."

"No ice sculpture, I'm on my way."

She went inside and sat down in front of her mom

"Mom I have a marketing event today and things are going wrong, is it okay if I leave you here? I'll come pick you up when I'm done."

Her mom looked around. her brows drawn together, her eyes out of focus and nodded.

Nina went to work and sat down exhausted in a corner.

Her co-worker came and offered her some water.

"I told them not to disturb you, is your mom okay? It's not Alzheimer’s, is it?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Your mom, when she came with the pies, she couldn't remember your name, she seemed to forget why she was there."

Nina sat up straight as a long breath left her body. She closed her eyes, oh God how could she be so blind. How could she just focus on the road ahead and not look at was in the corner?

"I'm going, please manage without me."

She went to her car and picked up her mom. Thankfully, she was still in the waiting area.

"Mom, let me take you some place nice."

The car drove past Nina's childhood home, up the winding road to the corner bakery where the scent of apple pie wafted and Nina's mom smiled at her, her eyes a bit clearer.

"I remember this."

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