Love at first sight?


I don't believe in love at first sight but...
He wasn't really that attractive but in a crisp fitted suit, he looked magnetic. His chrome blue headphones stood out against his corporate attire. He didn't really belong in the subway station with his confident aura and fresh demeanor. He kept glancing at the train schedule, a small frown creasing his smooth forehead, now and then. He looked up and saw me looking at him. How embarrassing! But he maintained eye contact and took a step forward.

Just then my train came, and I got in, I half-raised my hand but shook my head and sat down.

I looked at my brand-new subway card and thought about the stranger all the way to my stop. I stepped out and walked to the huge building with shiny chrome and glass.

You're not in Kansas anymore Vinnie! No longer a dinghy old office with my idiot boss breathing down my neck while I scrimped for peanuts. This was Mina Kwon's new beginning.

I walked through the revolving doors into the lobby and took in the commotion. I took out my new ID card gently and took a deep breath. Just as I walked to the reception, I caught sight of chrome blue headphones. I felt a sudden jump in my heartbeat and stared at the guy from the subway as he navigated the door.

Just then, the HR manager greeted me and took me to the security gates. Missed him again! Unless he worked in the same company? What are the odds? Then again, meeting him again in the same day is also improbable.

But no such luck, I couldn't see him in the startup office where I'd started work. I sat through a boring orientation hoping to go outside and get third time lucky.

It was lunch time finally, but my team insisted on getting to know me. Sigh. We went to a fancy Japanese restaurant, the kind that my small town had never seen.
I forgot all about the fantasy man and concentrated on the fresh fish.

The office people however wanted to talk. They wanted to know more about me. I gave a few vague answers, but they were not taking the hint. As I excused myself to go to the ladies’ room, I saw a flash of blue. It couldn't be! but it was the mystery man standing in line to get into the restaurant. I got excited but then felt this strange feeling in my stomach. Was he stalking me?

If I saw him once more, it sure meant he was stalking me. There are no romantics, just creeps - my old man always said.

Should I go out of the back entrance? Was I being too dramatic? The aroma of the Japanese cheesecake floated and made the decision for me.

I went to the table and waited to be served.

I felt a prickly feeling down my neck and clenched my fists.

The stranger had removed his headphones and was smiling at me, he leaned over and set an envelope in front of me and whispered lovingly - "You just got served Lavinia Spencer aka Mina Kwon."

This story is based on The Ink Well's 50 story ideas

Two people keep seeing one another in different places around the city. What is their story?

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