Help my husband is a...


"If this happened to you, wouldn't you want a divorce?" Mrs. T stared right at the lawyer.

The lawyer had met many a judge's gaze unflinchingly in his ten years of being a member of the bar but was compelled to look away from Mrs. T as she continued.

"Last week, I was putting together a photo montage for my husband's birthday. I went to the garage and took out some of his old boxes. There was a battered briefcase which I'd assumed had some old tools. I took it out and opened it. Inside was-"

Mrs. T reached out for a glass of water.

"A bright red gory liquid, a white unctuous paste and a big huuuuge nnnose. There was also hair kept in a velvet bag like a trophy of some sort."

The lawyer accidentally met her gaze and swallowed.

"Mrs. T, this is a serious accusation. So, you're saying your husband was a-"

"Don't say it out aloud, I can't bear it."

The lawyer looked at the stack of files, then at his watch and closed his eyes for a second before looking at the woman in front of him.

"Mrs. T, do you see these cases, I have wifebeaters, cheaters, gamblers, wives who cuckholded their husbands or people who just fell out of love. I have never had a case like yours. I'm not sure I can handle this." He whispered the last sentence.

"But don't you understand I can't keep living with him, what if the children find out?"

"I am sure if he has hidden this appalling secret for 15 years, he can do it for more."

Mrs. T gasped. "How can I let him roam around in society, what if he wants to do it again. I will not be associated with a -"

The lawyer put up his hands in a cross "Don't say it."

His secretary peeped in, "Your time is almost up."

The lawyer made a mental note to give her a raise.

"I'm sorry, I can't do anything about it. I'm sure you're distressed but you should have done a background check before marrying him."

"My father did do a background check."

"It didn't come up?"

Mrs. T cleared her throat. "You know how fathers are, when he said that my husband was a C-c-clown, I didn't think he was serious."

This story was based on a prompt by the ink well - Someone discovers their spouse was once a circus clown.

You can check out more prompts for inspiration here.

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