Dark clouds covered the sky. From one's perspective, they formed a tunnel and with good reason. Human like things seemed to drop from the sky; could be said to be raining people. But those weren't people. They had a demon like appearance and carried a murderous aura.

Raya stood at the pinnacle of a building watching the chaos ensue. She always knew this day would come but she just never knew when, seems like it is now!

A flash came from behind her and a man appeared in a dark suit and red tie. His hair low cut and his dark skin gave away his heritage.

"What's the situation?" Her voice was nasal, anything but angelic.

"We've had multiple casualties but the army thrives on."

"And the people?" Her eyes still roamed the sight before her. One would say she was accessing it.

"Nessa has successfully led the people to the ships. As instructed, if worse come to worse, we'd let them go. Ryan is sure that V-21 would surely hold life for about a thousand years."

Ryan, the president of the Planetary Research Institute is Raya's most trusted friend. Together, they came up with solutions while battle brewed behind the scenes. Ryan happened to locate an undiscovered planet that displayed signs of life. Who would have thought that it would come in handy during an alien invasion?

"Census?" Raya's voice came again at the same time she reached behind her back to pull out dual swords. They had the features of the famous Shaolin swords but made from lazer beams.

"About 4 billion. The whole continents from Europe to Africa are gathered."

Raya's brows furrowed. As time passed, people died than they lived. All because of one man's mistake...

Without another word, Raya jumped from the building, the wind boisterous in her fall, yet she seemed to drop with splendor; her brown locks dancing with the wind. She landed in a sea of blue colored creatures and proceeded to slay without a second thought. Her limbs were fast and so were her movements. Her eyes focused and her instincts sharp.

All around, men and women clad in similar looking uniforms fought with vigor. Gunshots and shrieks could be heard all around her. Yet she ran, her eyes zeroed in on a vessel meters away from where she stood.

Falling in step, a young woman with short auburn hair was just as fast.

"Release the dogs." Raya said loud enough for her to hear. The woman nodded and flipped on her feet heading the opposite direction. Raya kept moving with a determination, slaying and saving.


White hair flowed down the back of a man who watched the scene through a window glass. He had a stoic face but his eyes spoke obscenities. He watched Raya advance and knew he'd have to face her sooner or later.

"Get me my weapon." His voice was calm as the waters. A young girl appeared a few minutes later presenting him with two dual swords. Just like Raya's. Difference is, this one is made from Vibranium, a rare and almost extinct mineral.

"Let me out." He said once more and doors opened and closed behind him. He lunged forward and with a "Clash", man and woman stood against each other, blade kissing blade.

"I knew you'd never listen." He said, his face still as calm. Raya was the exact opposite. Her emotions displayed openly on her face; pain and disappointment.

She moved a feet back only to lunge forward with the expertise of a commander. Her arms flexed as she attacked. The man defended himself, knowing the strength of the woman before him.

"Listen to what exactly?" She bellowed as she propelled forward, smashing the handle of her sword against his stomach with a force strong enough to send a man to his death. Gerald however, was no ordinary man. He stumbled and yet balanced on his two feet before attacking with full force.

"I told you. It's no use fighting. They wouldn't remember what you're doing for them a hundred years from now. They are wicked and vile and totally selfish. They don't deserve to live!" Gerald's facade cracked and a vein popped out on his forehead. His eyes blazed with hatred and unforgiveness.

Raya didn't stop countering his attacks, not a single drop of sweat on her face. She got more zealous as time passed by.

"You have no right to decide who can and can not live. Life began before you Gerald. You are totally delusional to think that you can decide."

A flash of something in his eyes and Raya realised she made a mistake. She gave him an opening and he used it to his full advantage sending her flying to the ground on her back. Pain jolted from her tail bone but she immediately arose to her feet when she saw him advance– swords at his sides. Gerald seemed to have lost all reason.

"I thought you were different. That you'd see things as they were. That you'd see things from my perspective", his sword missed by an inch and she fought for common ground, loosing her balance.

"But I was wrong! You are just as vile and corrupt. You don't deserve to live." He bellowed, eyes raging with contempt. Just as he was gaining advantage, he was pried off by a giant dog covered in fur. With a grunt, he stood to his feet and glared at the woman he once loved. His wife.

Just then he seemed to notice the world around him, they had all fallen. All the creatures he'd made to end humanity. They lay splattered against the ground. With wide eyes he turned to look behind him, his vessel had been raided too. He just knew. The door was open and human fighters stood all around it. Just how? When? It had only been a few minutes. He looked ahead once more.

"What have you done?" He cried.

"What I should have done long ago. Gerald, you have thoroughly disappointed me." Raya said. Her eyes grew misty with unshed tears as she looked pitifully at the man she had been married to for over two decades. He was everything until he changed. He changed drastically after the loss of their only child in the hands of a mad scientist.

Yes, the grief ate her alive but she would not excuse his irrational behavior. He wanted to end the world. He wanted revenge. He had made a virus, she came up with the vaccine. He later found out her betrayal and went ahead to take things further. He planned on wiping out life, she wouldn't let him. She was going to save him, even if it was the last thing she did. Save him from himself.

"You are supposed to be on my side. They took her from us. It wasn't her fault that she was born with such gifts. She was just a child. Yet they took her from me." He lamented.

Raya was silent. Gerald was no ordinary human and he seemed to have transfused that gene into their late child. Her blood was special. A drop of it opened the doors to opportunities. However, man's greed knew no bounds and they lost her.

Just as she was about to speak, he cackled. His laughter sent chills down the spine of those present. Even the dogs whimpered slightly.

"You underestimated me Bambola." His Italic accent heavy, just as he revealed what looked like a timer on his chest. Raya's eyes widened. She recognized those numbers. Her husband had been a lab scientist even with his super features. He'd been experimenting and working to better human genes. He'd also played a little with explosives and never finished them. She remembers this one. He'd told her what it was for few days before their daughter was ripped from them. She may have fought all for nothing if that bomb goes off...

"What have you done?" She whispered shakily.

"What I should have done a long time ago..."

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