Remember When Inkwell's Fast and Furious Part Three Met Wildsound? I GOT THE VIDEO, Y'ALL, and the IMDB Listing is COMING!

Remember back in May when I said that the Wildsound Festival had done a reading of The Union Infirmary, my part two of Day Three of the Fast and Furious Festival Here, and I was offered the chance to do a video pitch for the Wildsound Festival?

The pitch was accepted, the video was made, and here it is -- just look at this! Just look at how that story done here is meeting and about to meet the international audience!

The filmographer decided to connect my short story to the price our servicemen have paid across all of history to the present day ... as the daughter of a veteran, it was a LOT to take in ... POWERFUL ... at the edge of too-much-ness ... the power of film to take that gritty story to the next level was riveting.

I was told by the film coordinator that the usual time it takes to do a project like this is 6-8 weeks -- selection of legal images, music, audio, etc, but because of the challenge of the subject, they really wanted to make sure to represent things well and so took a little extra time -- at no additional charge to me for those extra work hours -- to get this RIGHT.

Now, I should mention: this wasn't free. Generally, it is $100 PER MINUTE of film, so, you can do the math -- but because my story was so strong on the reading side and they really wanted to do it, the price was knocked back to $200.

Don't let money be an obstacle, though -- if this is something you want to do, go by the monthly reading path FIRST, and see if you are accepted for a reading. That's only $20 for a short story reading (, and $35 for a novel chapter ( I'll help you with the cost if you let me know you need it -- my writing on Hive means I have a few HBD lying around -- and perhaps others will help too. We're a HIVE, remember? Even big whales around here will go for "The Takeover of the Wildsound Festival, coming out of the Ink Well Community on Hive" -- it promotes what we are all doing here on Hive!

ANYWAY, I digress -- apply for a reading first. Go through all the Ink Well tips on how to write a compelling story, because the rules are BASICALLY the same. Again, don't be afraid to ask for comments ... we all can read your stuff and give you ideas to improve before you put money and your work out there -- remember that "two comment" requirement we ALREADY HAVE? If your stories are solid, Wildsound may make YOU an offer and knock that price down, and AGAIN, don't let money be an object, because the process rolls over again EVERY MONTH and you have TIME to get that together. The deadline for August just passed, but there will be another opportunity in September, and October, and November, and December! I'll help you. Others may as well! If you believe in your work, and this is something you want to do, don't be afraid -- get your work ready and DO IT.

Big THANK YOUS (AGAIN!!!!!!) to @theinkwell, @shanibeer, @jayna, @agmoore, @gracielaacevedo, and EVERYONE in and around The Ink Well for the encouragement to become a better writer every week -- and, do check out for yourself (yeah, I'm talking to YOU, @iamharryianne, @sunnyag, @wrestlingdesires, @amirtheawesome1, @kemmyb, @riottales, @justclickindiva, @bruno-kema, @katleya, @young-boss-karin, @ricardo993, @iyimoga, @kaerpediem, and anyone else I've enjoyed reading whose name I cannot remember right now) if you would like to have the chance to hear your work performed by voice actors and have the chance to have your work turned into a professional video and be noted by international audiences!

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