The Abimoras against the Moras

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In the 19th century, war broke between the tribe of Mora and Abimora and must be won by the tribe of Abimora is order to save their tribe from becoming wanderers.
Mia was the king of Abimora and needed capable hands to take the victory over the mermen and mermaids of Mora.
He strategIzed both for war and evacuation in case anything goes beyond his imaginations.
The war became more serious and demanding as the creatures of Mora, both male and female teamed up to eradicate every living creature in the land of Abimora, their reverse beings.
Mia, who's great grandmother built the mushroom Island as their habitat and accommodated the Moras as their sister nation communicated with other tribes and creatures for support, but none could look at him, same as listening to him because they have got their cuts from the elders and influencers of Mora.
Mia thought of selling off some of their lands to their neighboring tribes so as for alliances, but they were so baring to the extent of being known as a no man's land.
While Mia was going around secretly in search of alliances, his wife on the other hand was busy making research and good findings concerning their existence and gods being worshipped over the years.
She visited the cites where consultations were made in times of war and made her supplications and promises.
One of the gods that never failed the people of Abimora was the Fog gods.
Mia's wife saw the need to seriously submit to serving the Fog gods for the good of her tribe.
Mia as a king supported his wife's idea as he was getting tired of failing.
While Mia and his tribe were busy in search of ways to prevent their enemy from invading all their lands, Mora, a lawless and kingless tribe took out the mighty arms of Abimora which were their treasuries, their life support banks and their food banks in order to create hunger and starvation in the lands of Abimora.
Since every living thing must breathe, eat and be comfortable, the people of Abimora began to fight themselves internally, simply because they lacked foods and comfort.
It went further to the extent where they questioned the king's judgement and asked for the king to step down for his junior brother to lead them to war against the mighty Moras.
Mia laughed so much at their ignorance, knowing fully well that once they show the people of Mora strength, their end won't take a while because they are bound to fighting each other according to the law of the seven tribes.
At this point, Mia's heart changed from being more like a civilized king to a military kind of a king.
Mia summoned every single creature before the Fog gods to praise and worship it for the sake of their existence in the Oceanverse.
Every family were mandated to make a sacrifice or a promise before the gods so as to satisfy it while it readies them for war.
The Fog gods got satisfied by the actions of the people of Abimora and decided to work hand in hand with them.
The deal day came when Mia geared up all his strong mermaids and mermen to face his fear, the mighty creatures of Mora and to reclaim their lands from the hands of the Moras.
"Oh Fog gods, lead your little ones to war. May we never loose any body in this war. May we recover all that have been taken from us with ease".
The Fog gods considered the people of Abimora and helped them by convincing other tribes to come for their rescue.
Fortune smiled at the people of Abimora as they got notified by other tribes, to support and a proposed date for the both waring tribes to have a dialogue.
The dialogue went well and the creatures of Mora were ordered to evacuate from the lands of the Abimoras with immediate effect or face the wretch of all the 7 tribes of Oceanverse.
Mia and his people assumed their lands, resumed every single activity as their were many fertile lands to occupy.
Truly, a war can be fourth without battling each other.

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