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In a life of every man with the right sense, what he values most is his source(s) of income and the food he eats on daily basis.
Kennedy was found in such category.
Him, being among the best graduates of his set never got a job as he thought which eventually left him behind his pairs.
After some years of searching for his dream job, he discovered a vacant position in a logistics company in need of an advertisement manager.
This triggered the young man to reinstate his writing skills. He flattered the whole panel of judges during his interview and was finally granted the offer of providing his services to the company, not as a permanent nor temporary staff.

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Congratulations were said before him as he smiled back home to meet his loving wife who had already prepared a well seasoned pot of soup.
The next morning, the newly appointed manger got to work and assumed his assigned responsibilities, began to employ some good strategies in order to take the company to another expected level.
He did his best and worked to the best of his knowledge, got recognized by the headquarters and as well, got some honorable awards in less than 2 years of service.
As he progresses in his job career, more responsibilities were assigned to him, making it very difficult for him, offering less spare time with his newly married wife.

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Kennedy, being known by every department in the company got invited for many strategic plannings, had meetings after meetings to the extent that he slept away from home from days to months.
Though he was well rewarded for all his quality time spent at work, but one part of him was fully against his attitude to family and personal time with his creator.

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A time came when he was heavily nagged at home by his wife for not performing his duties as a man, only comes home to snore while sleeping.
This to an extent modified his family planning, created a large space for his new job between him and his wife, scared his friends away with pride.
Kennedy was so authoritative to the extent that he wants anyone to do exactly as he says and at the said time and location. Be you who!
On his second year at work, his wife decided to end her nightmares, demanded for a divorce since the husband was currently married to his job instead of his legally married wife. She never wanted to hear anything from him, nor does she wish to see any of his family members in pleading posture before her.
She insisted on getting a divorce done properly so that she could go on with her life with another interested candidate.

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The divorce was well carried out by their different lawyers and properties which he struggled to acquire with the lady got divided before him.
This got him so upset, fought with himself everyday all day at home, on the streets, in the office, anywhere and everytime.
As a broken man, he became very careless with his words, insulted so many people that came his way including those who fathered him when he was a nobody.
Kennedy continued to portray such a disrespectful attitude until he was called to judgement.
Before the panel, he was asked to recite the company's rules and regulations. He began peacefully until he got to his defaulted areas.
He read them very slowly, stammered so much to the extent that his hands were vibrating.
He stopped and began to shed tears before the judges.
The manager quickly interrupted him by saying;
"Rules are rules!"
He nodded his head and was asked to confess before the panel for consideration or rejection.
He confessed saying;
"I intentionally abused my fellow staff, insulted my seniors and rejected my assigned responsibilities".
At that point, he was found incompetent and less skilled before the head of the organization.

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His ill thoughts and low level of stress management got him fired and thrown out of the company's building by the security after he boastfully argued with the management about his salary and upkeep.
Young Kennedy lost his pride, walked home like a soldier who loss a great battle for his freedom.

This is my to #inkwell short story contest #57 with the prompt Making and Breaking Rules.
Thanks for stopping by to read my story.

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