HER INHERITANCE - The Ink Well Prompt #48

It was a romantic dinner with the candles and all. Carl worked so much for this moment. He has been waiting for this day all his life. He made sure that all the arrangements were perfect.

He was finally going to propose to her. He was so nervous and his heart was filled with so many thoughts. One of these many thoughts was if Maya would accept his proposal or turn him down.

Carl and Maya met in an unlikely situation 3 months ago, and since then, they've been in a relationship. Carl had to save Maya from drowning and ever since, Maya feels indebted to him for saving her life. It didn't take her long to fall madly in love with him because of his looks and charms.

There isn't anyway she would reject his proposal if he eventually proposes to her, she thought to herself. She has been waiting for him to propose for a long time now and when he invited her for the dinner, she hoped he'd finally propose to her, and fortunately for her, that was his plan.
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It was a beautiful moment as the music from the stereo filled the air. Carl seeing that Maya was already carried away with the moment, decided it was the right time to propose to her. He knelt down before her and then asked her that very question every lady would love to hear from her man;

"Maya, will you marry me?"

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Maya couldn't hold back her joy as she accepted his proposal immediately without thinking about it. It was a special moment for them as they both hugged and kissed each other. They couldn't let go of each other as they hugged themselves continuously, even as they danced romantically to the beautiful music from the stereo.

Maya was so happy that her dream finally came to reality. Her joy knew no bound as she immediately decided to call her dad and share the good news with him. Mr White was so happy that he had to invite Carl for lunch the next day, so they could start planing the marriage.

They all discussed the marriage the following day over lunch and a date was fixed. It was just as if everything was done in a rush, however Maya wasn't bothered about it because her mind was only occupied with the feeling of spending the rest of her life with the love of her life.
The marriage was done in a grand style with so many people around to witness their love. Everyone who attended sure had a story to tell. It was Maya's happiest moment, and she would sure do anything to make that moment live forever in her heart. Carl and Maya left for their honeymoon afterwards.

Maya had the best night of her life with Carl, not knowing that would be her last night with him. She woke up not finding him by her side. She searched the whole apartment but couldn't find him. Her heart was racing heavily not until she found him outside by the cliff. She ran to him and hugged him, telling him not to ever leave her alone. He promised he'd never do that, but just then, he pushed her off the cliff.
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It happens to be that Mr White wasn't actually Maya's biological father but Carl's biological father. Maya's biological father was very rich and respected around the city. He had so many people working for him, but out of all these people, he trusted Mr White the most and so, on his deathbed, he entrusted all his wealth to Mr White in the presence of a barrister, and made him promise to transfer all the wealth back to Maya when she turns 20.

Mr White wanted Maya's inheritance all to himself and so, he sent his son Carl far away, so Maya wouldn't get to know him. He wanted Carl to marry Maya, so he could get hold of her inheritance. It was a well-thought-out plan which started with Carl saving Maya's life. The plan was almost successful had it been Maya didn't decide to give all her inheritance to charity after the barrister told her about everything about her inheritance.

Mr White thought that after the marriage, even if he transfers Maya's inheritance to her, she would give it to her husband since he is the man, but that wasn't the case. So, when Mr White heard about Maya's plans of giving all her inheritance to charity, he became so angry that he had no other option than to tell Carl to kill Maya, so he wouldn't have to transfer everything to her anymore.

I worked for her father all my life he said, and what did I get in return? Absolutely nothing… He had the guts to tell me to look after his daughter till she is matured enough to inherit his wealth.

That shouldn't be her inheritance, it's mine. I gave him my life, and yet he left me with nothing. This is we will have to kill her. We will have to take her out-of-the-way, so we could have everything to ourselves. I can't sit and watch her give all my hard work to charity.

Since it has all been a plan all this time, Carl never really loved Maya, and so, he didn't hesitate in carrying out his father's order. That's why he had to throw her off the cliff, hoping she would die from the fall.Fortunately for Maya, she survived the fall even though she was badly wounded. It took her a month to heal completely from both the physical and emotional wounds.

After finding out the truth about Mr White and Carl, Maya decided to report the case to the necessary authorities so she could get back what's rightfully hers (HER INHERITANCE). She also swore to exact her revenge on both Mr White and Carl no matter what it takes.

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