A Night to Remember: The Inkwell Fiction Prompt #22


Prom night is and always will be a big day for any young girl and boy in school but Selena wasn't so excited about it because she hasn't been asked to prom by anyone yet and her friends have all gotten their prom dates already.

Selena has always been the quiet, brilliant, introvert girl amongst her friends. She plays in the soccer team but that didn't give her the recognition she wanted. She tried out cheerleading and failed woefully. Whereas her friends Kathy and Samantha were popular, socialist and the dream of the boys in school. They had numerous dates to pick from for the prom night.

Selena sat in her room browsing through her clothes. And finally she broke down, screamed and started crying. Her Dad and Mum rushed upstairs to her room thinking something had happened to her.

"Honey, what is going on in there?! Can we come in?" Selena's mum(Andrea) yelled from the other side of the door.

They gently opened the door when she didn't respond.

"Honey, are you okay? Tom asked
"Come in". Selena said amidst tears.
Selena explained to her parents how she is finding it difficult to pick a dress for the prom and how no boy has asked her to be their date for the prom.

"What about Sam? Didn't he ask you to be his date? You guys have been friends for a long time."
Andrea looked at Tom with a vicious eye signalling to him that he will just make matters worst and to let her handle it.

Honey, you need to stop crying, you know what? I am going to take you for shopping to get a new dress for your prom if you can't seem to find any one fitting in your closet. Selena sniffed and nodded in agreement with her mother.

"Selena", her dad wrapped his arm around her and said, "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen besides your mother and any boy will be lucky to have you as their prom date. Don't worry, it is still three days before prom night and if nobody ask you out then am going to be your date." Selena finally chuckled and laughed. "That's my girl". Andrea, whipped the tears rolling down her cheeks as she watched Tom and Selena.

With the help of her mum, Selena was able to pick a beautiful dress and shoe she needed for the prom and her friends rallied behind her and promised to help her with make up and they had also secretly asked some boys in the class if they would like to go take Selena to the prom. And to their surprise Darren who is basically every girls crush including Selena accepted. Darren is the son of the principal, the captain of the basketball team and also is a guitarist for a small music band that plays every Thursday night. He is tall, handsome, well built and blue eyes to match his jet black hair. He recently broke up with Sally the most beautiful, most popular but bossy girl in school. They had a fight over his choice of suit for the prom which she wanted to match with her dress. But Darren had other choice. Selena couldn't believe it when she was told by her friends the good news over the phone.

Hey, Selena, guess what? Darren asked us if you are available for the prom and we said yes. So when he comes to ask you out for the prom act innocent. Her friends chuckled at the background and ended the call. Selena was at first surprised, happy then scared. She ran down stairs to inform her parents about the good news but before she could utter any word out the door bell rang. "Selena please get the door". Andrea said.
"Yes Mum, but afterwards I have a great news to tell you about the prom night. Her Dad lifted himself up from the sofa and looked at Andrea surprisingly.
"Am coming, hold on". Selena called out as she gingerly walked to the door.
"Hello...Da.. Darren.., what are you doing here?"
A hand opened the door wider from behind her. "Selena, let who is at the door come in, don't stand them out" as Andrea pulled the door open wider.

"Hello Mr and Mrs Smith."Said Darren courteously.
Come in Darren, what can we do for you? Asked Tom. "I am here to see your daughter".
"Okay". Mr and Mrs. Smith went back inside the house.

Selena stared at Darren in disbelief as he spoke the words out from his lips. "Will you be my date for the prom, I will really be glad if you can." Selena, was screaming YES!!! In her head but the words won't come out from her mouth as she stammered. "Y...ye...yes and nodded her head simultaneously and quickly composed herself not to look desperate. Darren smiled and thanked her. "Then see you tomorrow night."
Selena quietly closed the door behind and saw her parents scrambling to their seat and trying to keep a straight face.

"We're you guys eavesdropping on us now?"

Her parents looked mischievous then bursted out in laughter. "Did he just ask you out for the prom?" "Yes, he did!!!"

Andrea smiled, "I told you everything is going to work out just fine. Was it what you wanted to tell us before?"

"Yes, I better go inform my friends" she screamed as she ran upstairs exicted.

The next day, Selena was all dressed up and was looking gorgeous as she had taken away her glasses, braces and made her hair.
"Wow! You look beautiful." Darren said as he opened the door to his car for Selena while her parents looked on with pride.

"Hey young man, make sure to have my daughter home before 11pm."
"I will Sir."
"I always wanted to say that" Tom said to Andrea as they walked back inside the house.

Everyone at the hall were all carried away by the beauty of Selena in her red silk dress. She looked like a princess. Beside her was Darren looking all dashing too in his dark velvet suit. "Let me go get us some drink" Darren said. Selena waved to her friends and they all came by to share in her glory as all eyes were on them.

Selena thanked her friends for the help with her makeup. "It's no problem, by the way you already are beautiful you just needed some few touches to bring the real you out." They all laughed. "Hey, look, it seems you have gotten yourself some attention" Kathy said as two boys from their class approached their table.
Hi Selena, am Christopher we take physics class together....just wondering if you will like to be my date for the night since you are all alone? " Samantha answered quickly before Selena could, "the answer is no, she already has a date. So hurry along." Christopher and his friend walked away grudgingly.

Darren walked in with the drinks in his hands "It seems I can't leave you for a minute and all the boys are already trying to take my place. " Selena smiled. Kathy and Samantha both stood up gave some excuses of going to find their date too.

Sally and her group of friends approached their table. "Hmmm....so Darren, is this the bug head you have chosen over me. Is that why you broke up with me?! Don't even bother coming back to me as soon as the prom is over because you will and for your information I am now with Michael the football captain so don't even try."
Darren was quiet all through even as Selena wanted to give Sally a piece of her mind Darren held her back.

"Now everyone let's danceeee!" Said the DJ.


Darren stood up, may I have this dance? As he bent slightly and pull Selena up with a smile. They walked by Sally and her friends. Sally shouted angrily. "Michael! Come on let's dance?."

Selena danced seamlessly to all the music played and she didn't put a foot wrong as she danced. All she could see was Darren as she mentally blocked away the attention from the onlookers, both of them dancing away the night without any care.

"Alright, alright, alright....and now for the Queen and King for this year's prom night........"

The English teacher with the mic in her hand looked round as she build suspense. Sally grabbed Micheal's hand and was about heading for the stage when the English teacher said. "Selena and Darren!"

There was a general silence and then some started clapping, some were too shock to move, others brought out their phones and started pictures. As the English teacher encouraged the couple to come up stage. Selena never expected this and it was as if the ground will open its mouth and she will just fall in. Darren held her hand and whispered in her ears "it's going to be okay, I will be with you every step of the way". Selena looked at Darren and mustered courage as they begin their journey to the stage.

Sally and her friends blocked their path. "You little bug head, you stole my man and now you have succeeded in stealing my crown!!!"
"Back off!" Kathy and Samantha said as they walked towards Sally and her friends.

"Oh, so you are going to have your friends fight for you eh?! After they went around to do your dirty work for you?"

Selena turned to her friends. "What did she mean by that?"

"We sort of asked Darren and some other boys if they would be your date? We are sorry Selena for not telling you". Her friends confessed.

Sally was now laughing with her friends at Selena and Darren.
"Selena, I know what this might look like."
"Do you?!"
"Selena, it may seems as if your friends betrayed you and as if I am using you to get back at Sally, but I need you this very moment to listen to me", Darren said in his defense.

Selena tried removing her hands from Darren and running away, to forget that a day like this ever existed but Darren drew her back and held her face in his hands. "Selena, your friends did what they did because they love you and I accepted their offer because I do love you. I have always loved you right from the day you walked into the school as a new student, I like your free spirit, creativity and intelligence. I see you Selena, you are beauiful to me regardless of whatever people may say or think".

At this point Sally was already screaming at the background "No, No... don't do this... I love you Darren".

In fact scrap all what I have just said. Selena will you be my girlfriend? Selena's faced turned bright red and she stood frozen as she couldn't coordinate her thoughts. All she wanted to say was yes but the words won't just come out. Eventually she managed to nod her head in agreement. Darren moved closer and kissed her on the lips. Selena could not believe what was happening to her. As her whole body shivered in response to Darren's lips. She has never been kissed before on her lips. She wrapped her arms around Darren's neck in the heat of the moment and all the image that could come to her mind was that of fire works going off in blazing glory.

"Come on, we don't have all the time in the world come get your crown." As people all around them paved way and started cheering.


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