Staying at home would have been a life time regret

Life can be unpredictable and you can only assume the person you would be tomorrow but nothing is guaranteed. You also don't know what scenario you will find yourself in tomorrow which might actually reveal your true self to you. An event came up that I didn't want to attend and it revealed a lot to me.


I wasn't born an introvert but due to choosing my peace of mind over anything even at a very young age made me one. I fell in love with the four walls of my room to the point where my family thought I was depressed but I wasn't, it was just quiet and more peaceful in there than being outside but due to my parents being scared, they forced me to attend a birthday party with them. I declined with an excuse that elderly people's birthday parties are always boring and my age group won't be there so why waste my time going there but my mom convinced me that there would be pastries and barbecues which she knows I love so much so I said to myself why not go for the food?

Well, it was the party day and we arrived early which was annoying, to be honest, but it was my mom's best friend so I had no choice when the celebrant saw me she said, "Wow, this is unbelievable'' and paused like she saw a ghost. She turned to my mom and said, "I don't need a birthday present from you, bringing this man here is enough."
We all laughed about it and she took my mom's hand and they went to God knows where. I was left alone to sit with elderly people. However, I knew most of the people and that made it more awkward because I had to greet a lot of people which can be frustrating at times based on their response.
The moment I located the pastries, I was filled with immense joy. I took enough and also enough barbecue without even worrying about people thinking am a glutton. I looked for a suitable corner and started munching the things I got. While I was exploring the world of my pastries and barbecue, I could hear some people having different discussions behind my back but I was less concerned and while I was minding my own business, I heard my name and someone asking for my opinion about a football match that happened earlier that day.

I was shy at first to talk because all I wanted to do was eat, but a wrong comment about the match from someone just made me open my mouth and start talking. I started stating different instances and giving my opinion with respect. I started stating facts and bringing up history, I then dived into the rules of football and why what happened is normal and doesn't mean the referee was been bais. I backed each of my points with Google so it wouldn't look like I was just bringing things up, at that point I was feeling like a sky sports analyst or ESPN pundit.

While we were talking about that, we drifted into relationship talk about a footballer relationship and I didn't hesitate to give my opinion as little as I was, I started drawing attention and unintentionally divided the crowd at the party, and I started feeling like Steve Harvey on the spot. I know I was younger but I stated the fact that elderly ones with experience agreed with me, someone asked where I learned so much and I let them know that exploring our smartphones helped me.

The moment I saw my mom's face and saw how proud she was with the smile on her face, I felt fulfilled and I got a lot of good comments from people. That event made me learn new things about myself and another thing I'm good at but I was already a science student and what I wanted to be then wasn't even a sports analyst or a relationship adviser but I knew I wasn't limited to pursuing one goal in life. I know the area I could fit in perfectly but I didn't build on that then because my resources were limited but years after, I started blogging about sports and enjoy doing it but here on hive, the sports community is a bit non-functional but in the nearest future I'm looking forward to starting a YouTube channel where I talk about sport and also relationship advise in the nearest future which the sport isn't limited to just football and the relationship is not only about two lovers.

One of the people present tried to bring me to a radio sports talk but it didn't work out and that's life actually. That was one of the best events I attended because I gave out knowledge and I received a lot of knowledge too. I hope you enjoyed reading this. It's all love from me to you

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