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The inkwell Prompt #59 Fate

There was a kingdom called Zyidna, King Saul and his cabinet ruled the kingdom glory, the king had 7 children from two wives, Saphira the first wife had two sons and daughters John and Sam, Jessica and Kate, the children of Mathar were Benjamin and Tony, Lara the daughter. pexels-victor-448834.jpg Pexel King Saul succeeded after his father king Carthy who struggle in the 80s to build an emperor that Saul is enjoying, Carthy fought and conquered sixty cities including the island of Patmos and took their treasures and make them became subject to his kingdom. Now, King Saul is living a luxurious life as cities continue paying taxes to him but what could he do to make his kingdom reign after him when his household is divided by his wives. The King loves his family dearly and his kingdoms but will not hesitate to throw any man into a dungeon for betraying him and his throne. Saphira lived in fear of what the fate of her children could be like, she sat on her couch doomed in thought, she picture how lovely and happily they were with her husband the king until she gave birth to two daughters that got the king worried about his successor, that chief cabinet is a stupid man I know he was the one who suggested the king should marry a second wife to bore him a son, I wish.. him evil in return but how can I make John rule over his elder brother benjamin? This woman must learn her place she must be reminded that she is a second wife, kate had stood in front of her mum for a while watching her mum absent-minded, mum what is wrong with you? Your Dad the king married your step-mother because I gave birth to two daughters, Saphira replied. Early morning Saphira stood at the palace entrance waiting with her wrinkled face, king Saul came back after his morning visitation and he couldn't behold his Queen's face, what is the problem my dear says the king, He walked with her and sat on his throne. My lady, tell me what you want I can give you half of my kingdom and make your ride on a white horse every morning to and fro of the cities, I am the king Saul, speak and don't be afraid. She replied, my king you are not getting younger but older, I want a favour in my king's eyes to make my son heir to the throne after you, King gasp in and cleared his throat, but you know I love you over my second wife and whatever I share I gave you the lion portion. The chief cabinet stood immediately like an Iroko tree and told the king it a taboo that the younger to rule over his elder but who are we to oppose you, as you declared so shall it be. Go my dear Queen Saphira you shall have me in your chambers today. The night became longer than the river Nile for the king, unrest and perambulating in his inner chamber, my wife is waiting and here is the future of my son's kingdom, what should I do to settle this matter? I must decide this night my God shall choose a kind-hearted king for his people after I passed on. Hhmm... Finally, I know what to do about this before I caused enmity after I died. The next morning King Saul called his entire family, the king's men and sends messages to the cities under his jurisdiction about the anouncement of who will be the king's successors. For a moment the palace became a graveyard, awaiting the king's further words as they stared at each other in envy. He called out to Benjamin and John and whisper into their ears and they all laughed. What could be the problem with this John? Laughing at serious matters his mum shouted at him angrily. The king said to them go to the city of Patmos and on the east side there you shall see Greenland bring me what prostrate in the morning and have life at sunset, the king blessed them both and sent them off.

Patmos was 20km away from Zyidna which made them arrive early. John said to Benjamin, you remember when my mum said to you that you can be a king, you must be a loser and I will rule as king over you. They struggled around the grassland trying to solve the puzzle of the king's words finally, John claimed he knows the puzzle but won't tell him. John found a group of women that were working at the extreme edge of the grassland a woman was about to give birth that morning hour, John in his cruelty went closer and introduce himself as the prince of great Zyidna and they all bowed before him, he stood till it was afternoon when the woman gave birth to a baby boy.

John thought of the puzzle again prostrate in the morning and have lived in the sun is set this must be the answer. He offer them help and said to them, I will take you to my father as an answer to what he sent me to find and you shall live with him and eats king's foods.
Looser I have found the puzzle as John said loudly to his brother Benjamin, come let's go, you shall serve me henceforth. Benjamin stood and was worried in his mind, what shall I present to the king my father to please him, reluctantly he took a flower and ran towards them. You must be a fool before the king with a flower said John, Benjamin's mind was occupied with billions of atomic thoughts, should I just go to a foreign land, throw the flower away, no, I can't appear before the king empty-handed.
When they saw John afar the whole crowd welcome him as king and Benjamin shy away from the people, the king welcomed them and told John what do you have for me? John replied, I have you this woman and her baby she gave birth to at sunrise and I offered her help as a king Zyidna I'm becoming soon. Okay, the king replied.
Benjamin, what do you have to offer to me your king.?He brought out his flower and the crowd's murmur but the king's stood immediately and with his cabinet, My king I brought you a blossom Sunflower to appeal your anger on me. The king embraced him tightly and kissed his forehead.

The king declared to all the crowd Benjamin as the next to rule after he passed on and he sent forth his words to cities for a banquet of a new next of king.

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