Love over coffee

A family once lived in a town called Hive. The man owns a fertilizer company and his wife work in a bank and they had a lovely kid named "Juliet" who attended Hive community primary school in Chicago's island.

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Juliet came home excited after school happier than her previous school days, "Dad" notice her unusual behavior as he sat on his sofa and called out "little God angel" your smiles heal my wounds tell me about your school today.
"Dad" my school said we are going on a sumner at Zuma snow and finally I will take a coffee with my friends when it's cold out there said. "Juliet". Will mum be off duty on Saturday to go with us? No, said her "Dad"
Juliet went into her dad bedroom early hours of morning of the summer day, Dad "good morning" it's my day and it's time. Dad woke up and both got prepared to summer camp and on there way she kept repitedly saying" coffee in the ice, coffee in the snow rain, coffee is the pills to snow and ice but her Dad smiled at her unknown mystery and said
"love is the pills to all problems"
Finally they arrived and activities begun and Juliet was said to sing and started again on the snow rain " coffee in the ice, coffee in the snow rain, coffee is the pills to all snow and ice.

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Evening hours came and was dark and snow rain increase as the children play and take coffee in groups but the cold was incredible and coffee couldn't hold them any longer. They started freezing and gnashing of teeth and all the parents were called out to find a solution to the snow. The camp director asked "who can help please calm this situation" we had never have a snow rain as this in history as he "exclaimed"
Juliet Dad came out to the center to help but Juliet was awaiting the magical trick her Dad will perform.
Juliet said the "Dad"
What is the pills to snow rain and ice? she quickly remembered what Dad said in the car "love is the pills" as she shout with her tin loud voice and her Dad gave instruction as follows:

  1. Hold your child hands and make a circle
  2. Call there names three times
  3. Say I love you more than a cup of coffee
  4. The pills to snow rain is love
  5. I am holding your hand and never let you go.
    They sang the song till children body were warm.
    Juliet said to her Dad sorry, I didn't believe your pills in the car and the Dad replied with a smile saying " you are right not to believe" but only through hard situation a pure gold is purify.
    Now you believe me, holding hands in snow is the pills to cold not coffee.
    Juliet was happy and called her Dad "Miracle angel"
    Thanks for the opportunity to write on this platform, I will be glad to welcome corrections and enjoy reading and commenting on my post.
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