Captain trauma and the village boy

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"Morning sir" with a salute and collected Colonel Samson Albert files as he scurry to his office unrest. Corporal Shem call Major it's emergency, "yes sir" replied Corporal and Major shows up immediately and Colonel had few conversation with him and all concluded to send a squadron called the Bees unit. Captain the Squad is ready for the flight as one of the Soldier approach him and Captain was cold as he address soldiers on the emergency rescue mission that will last a week but how disappointed his family will be after planning for a dinner outside with his family after a long time of been away on an undisclosed missions in Mercury, now they have him home and spend time together but unfortunately now away as he thought deeply and grief to fight for lives suffering some were in Pluto. As the Chopper arrived Pluto the enemies holding hostages sight and already planned to destroy there Helicopter. Captain gave an order to walk in twos to the main target as he walk with Corporal Liberty through the spear grass and thorns till the target. After series of shots they were able to rescue the victims to were there Chopper was hidden and as the Chopper was leaving with Corporal Liberty inside 87 meters above the ground was bomb down as all those in the Chopper couldn't survived.
Mission impossible as all blame was on the Captain, take a leave off said Major. Corporal Liberty is dead his childhood friend whom he love as part of him, Captain is traumatized after all that happen and his family couldn't enjoyed any moment with him. Daddy Christmas is tomorrow can we go out and play? as his beautiful daughter Jenny asked unhappy and he replied "yes of course" but his wife came and wispered in his ear finally you can get over this by going out with family and friends.
"Daddy It's Christmas" said Jenny happily as this will be another happiest moment for her and her mother. Many events took place indoor and was evening when they all were set to go out to children play ground set to happen by 7:30pm. As they were seated he became quite with his family and deep in thoughts and picturing what happen that day and a firecracker was shot on the sky as it clocks 7:30pm at the dot but immediately shout out "on the floor" "on the floor" grabbing quick his daughter and wife lying flat on the ground with his family but to his wife everything was unchanged as others were cheering up for the events and she got up upset as her dress was dirty and how embarrassed she was in front of people who notice them.
His wife walk slowly to a 7 years boy who just arrived City for the first time with her Aunt to celebrate the best moment of the year as the boy jump higher as he could to touch color or get hold of the firecracker on the cloud as if it was a balloon. She ask him what are you struggling to touch my cute boy and he pointed to the sky fireworks colors and she bursted in laughter. Can you and your nephew join my family on the table please? "yes it's a honor" replied the Aunt.
They both were happy together as Captain shared his story and all of them do same. Its was a wonderful moment for Jenny and the boy playing together that night and the family. Captain trauma was over since that day of the event and fully resume work and the village boy learn a lot from jenny as they attended same school.

Give opportunity to every events you have time for it's might change your life and either good or bad an outcome of something is there is always a lesson from it.

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