The Inkwell Fiction Prompt #27: The Strange Mirror


It was a rainy and wet day. I went to open uncle Kenneth's door. My uncle died few weeks ago, before he died my uncle had given me the keys to his house in his will, which surprised me. I felt sad when my uncle had died because my dad loves talking to him. I didn't really miss him, because I hardly knew him. He was living in River states on the other side of the country from my family. I only visit my uncle few and far between.

The house was so big and silent. The building looks old, but it was good looking and well arranged. Inside the room was filled with dust, indicating it had been long since anyone entered the home.

I went round the floors, I climbed the stairs and attic. When I went to the attic, it was crowded and disorganized. There was a full length mirror at the corner of the room. There was dust on the mirror, but I clean it with a piece of cloth.
The frame of the mirror was designed in an ancient style.

When wiping the dust from the mirror, my reflection was making a different move. If I move forward, my reflection in the mirror will move backward. I was shocked seeing this strange mirror in the attic. I tried looking at the mirror again, but my reflection was making a different move again. Suddenly, I saw a word written on tye mirror frame.

After seeing this, I immediately ran off from the attic and drove home. From that day, I never visited the attic again. I always avoided looking at the mirror.

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