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Is it true that witches still exist?

That's a no if you're referring to the ones depicted in literature and movies, complete with broomsticks, pointy hats, and

But Yes, if you're talking about the everyday lady who discreetly practices witchcraft in her spare time probably in an island, converses with spirits,enjoy her work with a fairy cake.

Witches do exist, but not in the way that most people believe. Witches don't torture animals, consume children, or engage in any other diabolical behavior.
A witch, like the old lady who enjoys cats or the youngster who cracks jokes with you, can be a Christian and a cake lover too. They don't curse people every day, don't cackle evilly, and aren't very cruel.

In reality, modern witches are urged to avoid cursing unless it is for those who have done something wrong, and even then, they usually avoid it unless it is extremely vital.

So, certainly, I would say yes. Witches occur in a variety of forms.

There are certainly people who identify as witches and engage in rituals that they believe can magically alter reality.

The methods by which they "alter reality" are nuanced and have more to do with positive psychology than magic. A ritual cleansing and/or directing one's goals, dreams, and ambitions to "the Universe.For example, is a technique to center oneself, voice what one wants, and renew the urge to go after it. This makes it possible to accomplish one's goals in a non-supernatural manner.

Some people will tell you that their magical efforts have resulted in more than this: the defeat of their adversary, the healing of their loved ones, and their personal success. Well, no matter how much they believe it, there is no good reason to do so. Confirmation bias is a common occurrence in people. When something similar to what they wished for happened, they attribute it to the fact that they wished for it, ignoring the fact that in order to be able to assert something like that, a link between the magical request and reality would have to be reliably, repeatedly proved.

But, hey, that's what magical thinking is all about! At the end of the day, it only works if you believe it.

As for the legend of witches who fly around from one island to another island , summon spirits, alter reality, manipulate time, and read people's minds... They are a

Belief in witchcraft thrives worldwide.
One 5-year-old boy, named Godswill in Akwa ibom in Nigeria had been accused of being a witch and neglected, beaten and ostracized by his own family and community in Akwa ibom. The boy was abandoned by his family, who accused him of being a witch left him to starve to death,devoid of cake his favourite snack.
Thousands of children have been accused of being witches, and we've witnessed torture, dead children, and terrified children.

The so-called "witches" were and are originally nature-loving clever ladies with a vast knowledge of therapeutic herbs whose extracts they utilized to heal the ill,but however Witches were accused of being in the league with the devil by Christians as early as the 13th century, leading to a Christian witchhunt for everyone who were accused of practicing "witchcraft," without exception.

Today, some persons claim to be "witches" and claim to sell and perform various types of witchcraft, including spells, curses, evil eyes, and so on.
However, they essentially simply offer "believe in," that their spells, curses, and so on work on the target.
In other words, they offer a con, a con that may, just may, have some influence on the gullible and uneducated.

Wiccans are a subset of "witches."

"wicca" was coined to describe a movement that claimed to have its roots in the original witchcraft religion.
However,to me,personally, the truth is:

Despite the fact that certain efforts have been undertaken to find "an original witch-religion," the results have been unfavorable up to this point.

In regards to spells, curses, magic, and the like:
Science and others, including myself, who see curses, spells, and other forms of superstition as harmless superstition, chuckle a little and shrug.Because such behavior can only cause harm to Christians.

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