Unity And Honesty: The Twin Virtue


Bola is a young man who happened to be a pastor in a reputable church. He has three kids which are just good academically. Two of which were still in primary school while one is in his final year. The one in the final year in the university is named Miracle. Everyone in the society always looks up to Bola's children being pastor's children. Bola read agriculture in a university but decided to remain as pastor since there is no means of working and also he decided to go for fish farming which was later paying him. At a time, he was not receiving much from it since this business is somehow seasonal and the price of feeding the fish is just too exorbitant. He tried hard to manage the fish farming but all his efforts proved abortive.

Kayode is a teacher in a school who has lots of experience in the teaching line. He has taught many people and has been in the teaching line for over 15 years. This gave him the upper hand to be taken as a school head. They went for promotion exams and indeed he was promoted to level 18 and within a few months of writing the exams, he was installed as the principal of a secondary school. Kayode has two children, a boy, Mark and a girl, Mary. Mark is in the higher institution while Mary is still in the secondary school and the senior class. Kayode is equally a pastor in the same church as Bola but was pastoring in another parish. So, Kayode continued in his education line but to his surprise, he was given a new appointment as the head of the quality assurance team. This is a team that has been put in place to check up on the school's welfare and the method they use to teach students. They are the first in contact by the ministry of education before getting to any schools.

This is a new role and was paid a huge amount of money since Kayode is a hard-working man. He is talented and well behaved. So, giving him this kind of position is the best the ministry of education has done.

Sam is another young man who has talent and also deals with teaching lines. He also has a great vision to push his students to greater heights. Sam is a pastor as well and in the same church but a different parish. Sam also has two children who are both males, Tayo and Moyor, one of which is in the higher institution while Moyor is in the secondary school and the middle class.

One day, the three men, Bola, Kayode and Sam have to come together to form a private school. They started so small and with just five students. They both agreed that Bola will be the principal since he is doing nothing at this moment and he will be paid salary normally and still share the same percentage as others from the return of the profit made. This was their agreement and it was so.

They were running the school so well and perfectly until they had 50 students for just six months. This shows that they upgraded from having just five students to fifty students. They were able to employ teachers who were capable of teaching effectively and efficiently. Bola does not have any source of income and so was not able to contribute enough. Anytime they had financial constraints, Sam and Kayode would be the ones running to see ways on how to solve it. Bola only had to sacrifice his time to stay in the school as the principal while others had to work extra to earn money in their working places to make the school a better one.

There was unity among the three which spread out to the staff of the school. They had nice and good related and understanding staff. This gave them the upper hand to run the school effectively. After four years of running the school, they had three hundred and fifty children in their school. This was a result of the unity among the three founders of the school and the staff. They began to make profits and were excited.

Bola's first son, Miracle, was through with his schooling and decided to search for a job. He searched for a job in different places and different companies since he read civil engineering, but was not offered. This got Miracle worried and his dad had to talk to some of his church members to see if Miracle can be fixed up. One of his members promised to offer him a job in his company which made Miracle so happy. Bola was just too old to cope as he was the eldest among the three friends, Kayode, Sam and Bola. So, one fateful day, Bola fell sick and was taken to the hospital. He could not make it through and died leaving his final note in the hands of his co-founders to take his son, Miracle, to fill up his space. It means Miracle was made to inherit his father's position as a partner with Kayode and Sam.

Miracle later took his father's place and was made the principal of the school. He was given all the entitlement that was for his dad which he did use to train his siblings to the school of their choices. It was the best choice to take his father's position as he has inherited his father's position.

The management always reviews their income at the end of every year and also shares their profit alongside. So, miracle was called to attend the meeting which he did with gladness. The account was reviewed and had a good amount of money to be shared as profit. Miracle was happy and with the look on his face was filled with joy. When the percentage was mentioned, miracle paused a bit because his dad's percentage was so small. He raised the alarm without keeping quiet that his father's share will be just 20% while they will just take 40% each. It was a serious argument as kayode had to explain everything to the miracle and how the percentages came to stay. Miracle was still angry talking back at them until a signed document was brought which made him keep shot.

So, he pleaded to Kayode and Sam to have Mercy and increase his percentage to at least some tangible amount which they reviewed and made the percentage to be 30, 35 and 35. Sam and Kayode are pastors and do not want to cause any troubles, instead want peace to reign among them. The school flourished with students and good teachers who were well paid and they also had a way to strategize the teacher's welfare as well as their pension.

It is indeed good to be good and better to be good to those around you. It is now far better to have something to fall back to as inheritance which your children can enjoy when you are no more.

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