The Left Behind

Quang Nguyen Vinh
One Saturday morning, I got a message from my principal inviting all the students to embark on an excursion but he gave us a condition which we are to comply with before we could be able to embark on the journey.

The next morning, I was eager to go to school to hear the full gist about the conditions given to us and the place we are going to. I got to school very early before any other student because I have never left my town or travelled to any other place for an excursion. This would be my first time and I wouldn't want to miss it and would not want anything to make me be left behind.

Our timekeeper rang the bell for the assembly, everybody rushed down to the assembly ground. The principal came to the assembly himself to address us. He told us that the excursion we are embarking on is a long journey but he said only those that score above 60% in their examination would embark on the journey and the place we are going to is OMU RESORT. Everybody was happy and were determined to score above 60% to take part in the journey as we are not paying a dime. The principal promised to settle all the bills including the transportation and refreshment.

He said we would embark on the journey immediately after we finish our exams, he then advised us to be more hard-working. We all thanked him and went to our various classes.

The excursion makes everyone eager and we keep talking about it every day. The funniest part is, some of the students who are not serious tend to be more determined with their studies in order not to miss the excursion because they don't want to be left behind.

Finally, the exam timetable came out, everyone distanced themselves from friends, gist and played around. We were all focused on our studies. No more playing around and no more playing football, but time to be extra hard-working to make the best, especially to climb to 60% which is the cutoff mark to qualify one for the excursion.

After finishing our exams, we saw our results immediately, everyone came out with flying colours and our principal was fully impressed with our results. He ordered the timekeeper to ring the emergency bell.

The timekeeper rang the bell and we all assembled at the assembly ground, then the principal started giving us some speeches and also expressed his feelings about our results. He told us that we would all embark on the excursion the next day by 10 am, he then said we should all be in school before that time.

Everyone was anxious and happy at the same time. I went home happily thinking about what to wear because the principal said we are free to wear any clothes

Immediately I got home, I went straight to my room to arrange the clothes I would wear for the excursion and package everything in my bag, then I told my mom about the excursion. She helped me pack everything in my bag well. I was unable to sleep because I was busy thinking about the excursion and how it would look.

Later in the midnight, I slept off. By the time I woke up, it was already 6:30 am. I rushed to the bathroom and took my bath. After bathing and dressing myself up, I boarded a bike to school without even taking breakfast.

On getting to the school gate the bus left immediately and left me and some students behind.

We were thinking about what to do because we didn't want to miss the journey until a girl came up with an idea and said we should board a public transport bus to meet the school bus. We all agreed with the girl and we gathered money to board a bus. We boarded a bus and went straight to OMU RESORT. On our way, we encountered so many amazing things because the driver passed the main road, we got there earlier than those on the school bus. They met us there and they were surprised and wondered how we got there.

We explained to them how we got there, the principal then returned the money we contributed to board the bus and then warned us to be punctual in everything we do. We entered the zoo and saw so many animals.

The excursion was an interesting one although we were left behind when going. We had more fun than those who were not left behind. Sometimes, some things happen because of good reasons.

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