The Home Of Troubles

The Home Of Troubles

It's a great and great moment for me and my family and a moment of enjoyment. My dad works in an oil company where he was being paid heavily. He has been so great to us and everyone around us. Everyone does speak well of him. He has been of help to many people around his family generally. My dad has a great love for my mum and their love was immeasurable. He always called my mum sweet names related to love. He called her:
My heart
My angel
My sunrise
My rising sun
My one and only
My magnificent

These are great and lovely names, right? When you love someone, you should love them completely. This was the character my dad does for my mum. It has been an enjoyable moment that is filled with lots of merriment.

I was so much excited to have come from this home as it was full of love and caring. My dad can never see us sad without asking us to tell him the reason or reasons for our sadness. We were just two in the family and were doing great and also were taken care of greatly.

My dad's position in his working place has increased. This means he has been given a promotion to become the manager of the company. This shows his level of business.

James was a friend to my dad and has been promoted to the position my dad was before moving to the post of manager. It was a great moment for the two friends but sadly was not for us as things began to change. My dad was never the same person he has been before now.

James took my dad to a club to celebrate their success where he had to introduce my dad to a lady. The lady's name was Nike. Nike dressed to kill which made my dad get carried away. It was not easy for him to move his mind and so fell for her. They began having a relationship that got my dad to deviate his mind from us. The once loving and kind father became the worst of all. Nike was just in the mind of my dad and has no one's time. We became the bad ones to my dad.

Nike has been deceiving my dad with her beauty and this was just too bad for us. My mum became worried as my dad has been coming home late just recently and so, decided to ask my dad to tell her the reason behind his recent lateness. My dad replied to my mum "my work has been the cause of this".

In the second week, my mum was not comfortable with the way dad behaved and so, my mum told my dad bluntly that "honey!!! You have changed drastically". It was then my dad told my mum not to disturb him with a raised voice. This has not for once happened since they have been together for years now. This is the first time it would happen. My mum was convinced that something was not right somewhere. So, she decided to check my dad's phone to see if her thought was true. Finally, she saw messages from Nike while some were sent to her through my dad. She was surprised but had nothing to do.

One fateful day, my mum decided to go to the eatery to get some food for lunch since she was unable to cook just because of her health, she saw the unexpected. My dad was with a girl in deep merriment. They were as good as people who were having affairs. So, she decided to take photographs of my dad and the lady. When she got home, she began to think of either showing the pictures to my dad or letting go of them. So, when my dad was home, my mum decided to show the photos to my dad which caused a serious problem for the whole of us. My dad sent us packing from the house and was talking at the peak of his voice

After two months, my dad brought Nike to the house and promised to marry her. As they were planning their marriage, the worst happened. Nike was someone who used her charming body to take powers from my dad's Secrecy. So, she took time to prepare a Visa for herself and planned to leave the country after achieving her goals. The agent preparing her visa happened to be my mum's elder brother. My mum just got to my uncle's house to pay him a visit where she saw a file on his table showing the passport of the same Nike. I was surprised to have seen this and to my surprise was a Visa to travel out of the country. My mum asked my brother to tell her what this file is doing on his table. He told my mum plainly that she is a lady he was preparing a visa for. My mum told my uncle all about this lady which got my uncle surprised.

After three days, my uncle called my dad to come to his office which my dad did. My uncle showed my dad the file which got my dad so surprised and seriously infuriated. When my dad got home, he immediately went to his bank to change his password and the password to all the files which Nike knew about. My dad called his friend James about what is happening between him and Nike. James was surprised and told my dad to freeze her account and change his passwords. My dad replied to James that he has done all he is supposed to have done.

Nike was about to make a transfer from my dad's bank account when she discovered that the password had been changed. So, she called my dad about it but did not reply to her. Meanwhile, when they were at home, my dad was behaving normally toward Nike and did not tell her anything that was happening.

After a week, my dad came to my mum to apologize. Just because of the love they had for each other, my mum forgave my dad and promised to come back home the next day. My dad took the police to the house to arrest Nike and now my mum is home again.

Nike suffers for the wrong she has done. The family came back together once again to be a once happy family although, my father did not do so well to have treated us that way.

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