The Golden Island

Tetyana Kovyrina

Mummy! Mummy!Mummy!!! Just look at the television, Debby beats her mum (Akira) as she shouted. Not quite long, Ramond walked in with a smile looking at his only daughter and beautiful wife. Debby quickly ran to meet Ramond, her Dad who was at the door. DEBBY went to meet her dad to check the television telling him that the building on the television is very beautiful. She told her dad she wants to go for an adventure but her dad didn't reply to her statement.

One day she went to the bush near her house playing all around. She was excited to have gotten to the bush. As she was playing around, she stepped on something strange and found herself bouncing up. She was very happy while in the mood of bouncing up. She then ran to her parents telling them that she had seen where to go for the adventure, she also told them what she encountered in the bush. She told her parents about what she stepped on and what it looked like.

Debby's parents followed her because they wanted to please their only child. When they reached the place, Debby stepped on the particular side and she was bouncing back once again. Her parents were surprised as they also joined her and started bouncing. After some time of catching fun, Debby told them that she wanted to know WHAT IS MAKING THEM BOUNCE. Her parents went back home to pick their hole and shovel. They started digging the place and were eager to see what was underneath. After so much stress, they found a box underneath. They were surprised because they didn't believe an ordinary box could make them bounce. They wanted to dig further but were not able, instead, they brought out the box.

DEBBY, who was anxious to see what was inside the box. She opened it and was surprised to see a beautiful, shining golden shoe. She shouted, calling the attention of her parents. Debby's parents saw it and were perplexed. Debby was initially afraid to wear the shoe because she doesn't know what may happen when she puts it on. Debby summoned courage and wore the shoe. The shoe fits her perfectly. When she removed the shoe, her father took the shoe to check it, then it changed to his size. He was astonished when he wore it and the shoe fits him perfectly. He later removed it and kept it in the box, and the family went home with happiness, especially their only daughter, Debby. She was overjoyed. When they got home, Debby, who was anxious, took the shoe and wore it for a few minutes then she disappeared to an unknown place. When her parents got to know her, their mood changed and they became frightened.

Somewhere on the lost island, Debby found herself, looking around. She was afraid to have disappeared to a strange land. She found a huge building almost like the height of mountain Everest. She looked around and was scared to the core. With the thrilling feeling she was having, she shouted, screaming but no one came to her rescue. She was exhausted, she then found a door sparkling from behind. She followed the light shimmering from behind little by little, step by step and she got to the. She placed her hand on the doorknob as it made a cracking sound by opening widely in front of her. She gasped when she noticed how beautifully designed the inside was.

She was having this strange feeling of going in to explore. With that, she stepped inside the mansion and the door slammed behind her with a thud sound. She started moving forward, immediately the light surrounded the whole parts of the Mansion. She gasped when she found gold glittering everywhere spackling with deep silence. With the mood of amazement, she thought of running to the side of much gold and jumping on the pile of gold. She jumped and saw once again more shrinking and sparkling everywhere, suddenly she started hearing a thick voice from the corner of the room. This got her more scared and wanting to jump out, but she has nowhere to go from here.

She noticed she wasn't the only one in the building. She quickly found a spot around the room where she squeezed herself in the Golden box behind her. She peeped only to see some deserted dwarfs in dirty dresses and bushy hairs. They were speaking a foreign language which she did not understand. So she saw them sitting and drinking water. She kept wondering what they were doing here because she did not know they were the gold keepers who are protecting it from the treasure hunters. The dwarfs noticed someone's shadow from behind and went over only to see Debby shaking profusely. They picked her up and she explained everything to them and they believed her. The dwarfs took care of her that night.

The treasure hunters wanted the building to collapse at all costs so that they wouldn't pass through the building door. She has strong feelings and quickly wakes them up, then they start packing some gold inside her dress pocket and within a blink of an eye, the building starts shaking. The blocks started dropping one after the other. The head dwarf grabbed her hand and was leading her outside alongside her other colleagues. Then all of a sudden, a block was about to block their way. She noticed it and pushed the dwarf forward. He shouted trying to grab hold of her arm but the block came blocking the way then she was left alone thinking of how to escape because anytime from now the next block would bump right on her head.

She was about to run from that side when she slipped on a gold necklace on the floor. This made one of her shoes removed. She looked up and saw the block above her head. Debby closed her eyes and surrendered at the upcoming disaster which was about to happen. To her surprise everything became quiet, she opened her eyes slowly and steadily only to find herself in her bedroom. She stood up immediately and ran down the stairs. Debby saw her parents sitting with their faces all blanked and paled. She shouted as she called them. They were shocked to have seen their daughter in front of them. So, they sobbed for a few minutes with joy, overwhelming the thrilling moment.

Debby and her parents moved to the city and were now living a luxurious life because of the excess gold she took home. Ever since then their moods were always filled with satisfaction, joy, and happiness.

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