Magical Metal

It's so unfortunate that I have left home or else, my children would have continued using the metal just to save them from any form of sickness.

I still remember vividly when I was still at home how my mum always took me to where the metal was just to touch it when I was sick. The metal takes the shape of a human, but was an ordinary iron rod. The day I went to the farm with my grandpa was when I knew how this metal came into existence. My grandpa and I came back from the farm one fateful day and were feeling restless. I had never felt this way before, and my grandpa knew me to be a strong child who never, for once, complained of any form of sickness. Just that day, he observed the unwanted behaviour in me and decided to take me to where he kept the metal.

Before he made me touch it, I asked him some questions related to the metal, which he revealed to me. I was so inquisitive and could not just see without asking. He told me that “Son, this metal belongs to my father, your great-grandfather. He had mentioned to me that anyone who believed in this metal would be saved and also anyone who touches this metal would be vindicated”. I could not stand a chance to wait an inch without asking him any questions that came to my mind. “Do you mean it can save anyone or just our family members?”
He was unable to wait an inch before giving me an answer, as I was his favourite grandson when he was still alive. “This metal can only save our family members, but not the outsiders. This is its purpose, and can always see the outsiders as intruders”.

That day, I was unable to wait an inch before laying my hands on it. I was healed after a few minutes.

When I was of age, I still believed in this metal and was still being healed by it, as well as my other siblings and my family members. No one would ever fall sick in my family without being healed with immediate effect. It does not stay for days before healing, but for just a few minutes.

One fateful day, this metal disappeared without anyone taking it. We began to search for it as my grandpa was seriously ill. We could not find it at that moment. Not only that, but we searched and concluded that someone might have stolen it from where it was kept. After some hours of searching, my grandpa said, “Do not bother yourselves finding it, it will appear when I'm gone. My days here on earth have finally reached and no one would stop it”.
After saying these words, he immediately gave up the ghost. We began to weep bitterly. Two days later, the metal was seen in the very spot it was kept.

We believed and were saved by it anytime we were sick. No need to spend extra money to go to the hospital. The metal was enough for us.

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