Just An Illusion

Suddenly, the whole city went blank as the sun was long gone, leaving darkness rolling around every corner. “Mum, Why does everywhere seem so quiet? Aren't there humans dwelling during the night as before? What suddenly went wrong? Or is the world coming to an end?" Molly asked as she wrapped herself in a thick blanket, feeling so scary.
“But everywhere looks dark but quiet, go to bed as it's time to sleep”, her mum responded from her room.

Harrison Haines
Meanwhile, their house is just a lonely house on the outskirts of the city. They only heard noises from the city and songs being played. It's so unusual that the entire situation looks different according to Molly. Her uncle had always been the one making her face fill up with joy with the countless stories he always tells her.

That fateful night was a night of horror after remembering one of the stories Uncle Ben had told her. She has been a girl with a brave heart and someone who does not accept the existence of fears, but this time the thunder of fears got her struck, leaving her in a state of dilemma.

Uncle Ben had told her a story about how a little girl got struck by the terror of the night goddess. According to Uncle Ben, each moment comes with its separate goddess, ranging from morning to evening as well as midnight. That midnight comes with a terrific and terrible scene that no one would dare comprehend, not even the fearless one.


“It was thick in the middle of the night, the goddess of the night showed up with a whirlwind and a single shining star that followed. It is always said to be the moment when everyone would be in a deep sleep. The one who happened to be caught in the terrible scene would be the victim”.

Molly shifted, drifting very close to her mum, right in between her uncle and her mum. She said, “That can never make me fear. I always sleep without making a bit of noise in the middle of the night, except when I'm pressed. Besides, I'm a brave girl born without fear, my mum can testify to that”.

“Can I continue with the story?” Her uncle asked as he noticed some unwanted fears gripping Molly's feet. “With due respect, yes”, she said, being confident.

“The goddess of the night can always take one soul who violated the rules of the night, making noise, shouting unnecessarily, and snoring. She entered the house of King Rufus and saw little Princess Diana snoring. Her coming was just like a whirlwind coupled with just a single blinking Star. The queen of the night took the little princess away, dashing into the thin air. Despite crying and shouting, no one dares come closer to measure weight with the night goddess. Everyone had been living fearing the goddess of the night, keeping the town just like a graveyard at night. Some people called her the night keeper, while some called her the wicked Queen".

“Hmm…., But I should call her the terrified Night Queen”, Molly said, shining her eyes since the night was still young.
“You have to go to bed, it's late already”, her uncle said, walking straight to his abode.

She left her uncle and walked straight to her room. She slept off only to wake up in the middle of the night hearing a strange wind seemingly whirling around her compound. Not only that, but she glued herself to her bed, packing all her clothes as well as a blanket to wrap her body, leaving a little opening just for her to peep through. After some minutes, the cool breeze entered her room and fell the bottle she had dropped early in the morning. She was shivering while deep inside the blanket.

The wind paraded towards her and blew the blanket off her. She was unable to shout, as the goddess of the night might take her away. Every object in her room turned movable. Her lamp faded as it went off. The only light she could see was the little blinking star. She could not move an inch from her position. Her nightgown rope became just like a snake and all the objects in her room were shabbily seen to be walking towards her. The curtain was flapping, making a fluffy sound, just as if the goddess had entered her room.

After a few minutes, she managed to put on some element of courage, being the fearless girl she used to be. She shouted baselessly, but was not taken by any goddess of the night. She walked following the lead of the little star. The star led her to the window and behold, the weather was cloudy as if it were going to rain. It was the only star left up in the sky shining through her window side.
“Wow, so, it's all my illusion about the queen of the night I was told by my uncle,” She said, feeling so excited about the weather and sad about what she had passed through. She began to enjoy every bit of the whirl of cool breeze outside.

She went inside smiling as she lay down imagining. Likewise, she fell asleep only to wake up late in the morning with a morning tea already prepared by her mum.

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