Jasmine And Her Undefined Ambition

Michael Burrows
Jasmine And Her Undefined Ambition

It would have been better if she could turn the hand of the clock just to make her life better than what she is experiencing right now if possible. Jasmine is a girl full of ambition. A girl who has always proved to be wiser than others but not to her mind.

She has spent all her life wanting to go for what she loved most as a course but was not successful. There is something in her that people do not like. It is the way she thinks of herself. She only wants to listen to herself but not to people who can give her good advice.

Jasmine had always had in her mind studying the best course which happened to be medicine and surgery. The fact that she has this course as her best one does not mean when could truly go for it. Meanwhile, she was so good at sewing clothes. Her best choice, if she wants to choose, would be fashion design. She can even see the aspect of men's clothes. She has the talent and has been sewing for top men and women. Everyone loves her system of sewing even though it comes with little or low prices.

Friends and well-wishers have tried to advise her to give in to fashion design, but Jasmine had never for once listened instead wants to follow what her mind did not direct her. She only wants to study medicine just because of the path her friends had chosen.

She has been known to be an average student who doesn't love reading. She is only managing and struggling to wake up in class without knowing the fact that students who study medicine and surgery are those who can never do without their books. Jasmine can only read to pass but not to remember. Making her way out was the only choice left for her, forgetting her initial and the best ambition of hers.

How can you throw what you were supposed to do and what you loved away just because of the influence of friends? This is not the best expected from Jasmine. She once told her parents about her future ambition to become a fashion designer, but friends made her change her mind about something she would not or would have no influence on.

Now, she struggled to write her final year exams she had the best result that can take her to the school of fashion since she has the best knowledge in this said field of hers.

I only have to pass chemistry to take me to a higher institution and study medicine and surgery. I think I have to try harder for the next exams. She said to her friend, Mumin.

Mumin's aim has been fulfilled as she had made her papers and this was what she has a passion for right from on set. She has medicine and surgery as her future ambition and never went back switching to something else just like Jasmine.

Jasmine went again to enroll for another exam in which she failed chemistry yet again. Jasmine was not ready to back out but wants to see to the day she is going to pass chemistry. She has spent over five years trying to pass chemistry, but all her efforts came out to laugh at her.

Instead of focusing on her initial ambition to become a fashion designer, she was facing something that would not come to reality. Her mates who went to study medicine and surgery were done with their studies and had started working in the hospital while some were having their special hospitals making good money. Jasmine on the other hand was idle at home doing nothing instead was waiting for manners that would come and rescue her in her turnover ambition.

Jasmine would have been a great woman hadn't she ignored her borrowed ambition for her normal one. She sat regretting her choice, but it was too late to cry. She was still left with the same future as it would not be possible to turn the hand of the clock.

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