It's Been Ten Years Now

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Rollings is now a full-grown man and a man to reckon with. He takes after the character of his father and even has the same appearance and features as his dad. He had been the one who was always taking care of her mother since the death of his father. He never wanted anything bad to happen to his mom as he has taken his mum to be his first place in his life apart from his wife.

He is solidly married to a young girl who happened to be beautiful in both coins. She is beautiful in the innermost part and also beautiful in the outermost part. She is the type who never wants to see her husband in pain. Admiring her husband has been her character ever since they got married and so has Rollings. He admired the wife to the fullest and never for once raised his voice at her. He saw his wife as the most beautiful being on earth. Before he got married to his wife, he told her the different names he will be raining on her. These names were so beautiful and special just for his wife alone. He said when we get married, I will be raining these names on you:
my magnificent
My sunrise
My rising sun
My moon
My all in all
Truly these are the names he has been raining on his wife when they got married. It was so nice for the two of them and they were living happily together as one family.

He learns most of the character he is having now from his dad who happened to pamper his wife, Rollings mum.

Before the death of his dad, the dad always tells him that he must not harm his wife as he has learnt from his. There is countless advice his dad always gives to him as a young boy back in the day.

His dad's name was Mr Anderson. He was a man of honour and the one many people love to follow. He has many people working under him and has rendered help to many people in the past. He was rich in his way and can help people. The fact remains that he puts people first although he never joked with his family. He was so nice to people and those around him. Mr Anderson always loved watching football as he was a fan of a particular team. He took watching football as a time to relax his brain after lots of work. While watching, he never forgot to put beside him a glass of soft drink to keep his eyes awake. He always called his friends to be part of him and also to watch football with him. Dealing with facts was part of him. Mr Anderson never for once assumes something to be real, not until he has a clear picture of what he has heard.

Mr Anderson lived a happy life and a life which many people felt like emulating. Everyone in his vicinity gained from him in several ways. He made people around him rich and some only tapped from his talents to build their empire. Mr Anderson saw everyone as equal. He never for once, when he was still alive, separated the Rich from the poor. He saw everyone as equal and impacted this same habit to his only son.

When the news of his death was in the air, people were not believing initially, but his death was painful to them and the fact remains that he lived a happy life. Many people came to the funeral and celebrated his death as he lived the normal life one is supposed to live on earth. He died when he was 95 years old. Those who came to the funeral appeared with different items as gifts for the son, Rollings. In his grave, Rollings promised to always go to pay him a visit to always give him respect. This is what he always does every year to keep his father's memories deep and afresh in him.

It's ten years now and Rollings has travelled without fulfilling his promise to always visit his father's grave. He was so worried as work took him away from his land and even left his wife and children behind. Being a nice wife and the one who has a great love for her husband, she knew her husband always goes to his father's grave every month to refresh his memories on his father's words towards him and his people. So, the wife took up this responsibility to always visit the grave at all times by delivering flowers on the grave. Her husband left for a year and his dad left this world for over ten years now. So, on his arrival, without getting home first, he went straight to his father's grave to pay him obeisance and to plead for not coming to drop followers as usual.

He got home and his beautiful wife was the first to embrace him and indeed, he was so happy seeing her wife as strong as possible. Rollings always has faith and trust for his wife and children. He saw the reason why his father was always telling him to hold on to his wife to the fullest. He was just having deep thoughts about what his father always said to him. "Father always says to me to always hold onto my wife to the fullest". "Father always says that my wife is the truth and the very woman made for me.

Rollings called her wife with a sweet voice… "darling…" He said again as usual and with the usual calmness...
"My magnificent"
"My sunrise"
"My rising sun"
"My moon"
"My all in all"
Thank you for always being there for me as what I suppose to do is what you have done. Thank you once again for helping me out as you are indeed the one made for me as once said by my dad. She was surprised and shocked for she never got what her husband was referring to. She said to him " honey, please, I can't get what you are saying. I don't seem to understand what I have done to have made you give me such lovely words". Rollings said, "I first stopped at my dad's grave and saw flowers that were placed just like the way I always keep them". So, I just got the thought that it must be my love who has been doing this. His wife smiled and immediately rushed to her husband who had his arms widely opened to embrace his wife.

To sum it up, love, trust and truth. This is what we should all have to keep our lives moving. Help people today to make history happen in your life. You shall be celebrated when you are the type who loves helping people. Help someone today and you shall not be forgotten for life and your lineage will forever enjoy your good work and kindness.

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