False Accusation

Keira Burton

Its been six years now since Patrick has been in prison. He got to the prison for an offense he did not commit. Patrick was framed for killing a young doctor when he went to meet for treatment in the doctor's house which is located in the downtown of Mohil empire. The king of Mohil empire was a man of honor and a man who does not take shit. He can only deal with offenders who do things not to his liking. King Moon has been his name and he has some cabinets who were loyal to him.

Patrick has a younger brother who was initially financially handicapped, but has been working so hard to save his elder brother from the mess he is in even while in school. Being in prison for six years is not a joking matter and indeed to some extent, your children may not be able to know you as their father. Patrick has a wife and two kids, Monic and Nina. Nina was two years old when his dad was jailed while Monic was six. Now six years have been added to their ages and the only person who can truly recognize her dad was Monic.

Patrick's younger brother's name was Afor. Afor was just in level four in the higher institution before his elder brother was taken to the prison. He studied in the university of Benin in Benin city, Nigeria. He was studying law in a higher institution and now has been called to the bar. He later took the case of his elder brother, Patrick who has been his source of finance. Afor, just trying to struggle hard to make it in life or else, his career would have been nowhere to be found. So, he just tried hard to train himself up to the way he is would prefer.

Afor went to the king of his kingdom, Mohil, king Moon, and tabled the issue that he wants to handle the case of his elder brother who has been in prison for six years now as no one has been able to fight for them. He said "now that I'm a qualified lawyer, I will be able to take care of my brother's case to my satisfaction".
King of Mohil responded:
You should know that the case is not in my custody but in the hands of the government now. So, just do as you wished.

Afor answered the king "alright sir"

Now, the issue has been tabled and Afor got some evidence to show that the doctor failed to take his medications. Afor has someone who gave him this information who happened to be the doctor's house maid. According to the maid, she has been threatened by the doctor's family, most especially the doctor's elder brother not to say a word to anyone and must not say the exact thing that killed their brother.

When it was time to judge, the housemaid told Afor that she can come out to testify for the release of his brother. When she was called as witness, she brought the doctor's report which was given to her to keep by the doctor, her boss when he was still alive. So, the report truly worked to the favor of Afor. The doctor who wrote the report was called to the court and the brothers to the demised doctor do not know about this. They were after jailing Patrick, but the elder brother knew all that was going on, but does not want to speak up.

The doctor:
I'm doctor Smith from the Mohil general hospital. At 5pm on Sunday December my friend, doctor Hal came to report an issue which was disturbing him. After his explanation, he told me to give him a drug to sustain his life, and he mentioned the name of the drug to me. Meanwhile, I knew about it and quickly gave it to him. This drug is not a harmful pill but one used to suppress pain. I wrote a report which he signed. So, according to the instructions, he was supposed to take the pills daily. So, the day he died, I was called and after critical observations, I discovered that he did not take his pills the day it happened and anything that made him miss a day would be a problem. So, according to the test we carried out, he did not take his pills. The test result was given to his family and to his elder brother to be precise. So, to me, I thought this issue was over not until I was called yesterday by barrister Afor.

Doctor Smith handled the file to the judge. The elder brother to doctor Hal was reprimanded and placed in the cell awaiting trials. He did not tell his family about this, instead threatening the house maid.

Patrick was released and indeed after coming out, he was free from being in the darkness.

Patrick said when he was outside the cell "Wow… thank my goodness...I'm out now seeing the good and awesome view of my land. Everywhere looks awesome and the surroundings are just blossoming.
Look at you… Monic… you have grown to be a big girl now. And where is my little Nina?"

Monic answered "she is right beside you". Nina could not recognize her father and Patrick could not.alao recognized Nina as she was just two when she was jailed. Wow...you have grown up now to be a beautiful girl. How are you my pretty angel? Nina responded, I'm fine, daddy. Thank God you are with us now and I'm truly happy.
Now I'm back from darkness to see the light once again. It's great to be home.

After the kids, the wife appeared and they hugged each other as he was not allowed to be seen for the past six years. His issue was extraordinary and his wife only managed to see him just once which was sometimes after three years in prison.

Patrick was compensated heavily by the family of doctor Hal.

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