They're Here!!!!!!!


I screamed the last "ahhhhhhhhhhh" as I felt something finally leave me. I couldn't even hear my own pain because it was overpowered by other piercing cries.

"You have twins Nkolo!"was the next thing I heard old Mama Bear say as she held them close to me with shaky hands. Tears filled my eyes as I felt the flesh of my flesh and the bone of my bone. They looked exactly like the angels of the rivers of Eldina.

Baba Vose would be overjoyed by the news. He'd been really worried about the safety of the pregnancy after the last overflow I had. Even though old Mama Bear had told him that the foetus would live he still begged to know if his wife would too.

Like a veil, pain overwhelmed me immediately she took them out of the room. The last of my breath left me as I struggled to remain conscious. I could feel Old Mama Bear strong hands send chills through my body as my eyes began to shut slowly.

"Where are my babi....", was all my mouth could utter as her voice reassured me "shhhhh..get some rest Nkolo, they're safe". Then, like the paintings of a renouned painter he walked in and I could see the big smile on his face, Baba vose was indeed happy. I struggled to stay awake but my eyes finally gave in.

I finally woke up on the third day feeling a little alive than I had ever felt in my entire life. I immediately looked around to know where I was. To my greatest surprise, Baba Vose was carrying both of them and patently waiting for me to come out of my life long sleep.

"I told them their mama would be awake any time soon" He said as he came closer and handed both of them to me. I couldn't control the joy I felt in my heart and the words just couldn't come out. "This one has your eyes, look, I'll name him 'FINESE', after the blue water god" Baba said. I looked at him and smiled sheepishly.

Baba Vose was a die hard worshipper of the three gods of the river Eldina and he was certainly right, this one did have my eyes and looked as royal as the god himself. "and as for this one, look Nkolo, look how strong she is, she refuses to let me do a thing for her, hahahaha".

His laughter filled the room with warmth and i couldn't help but notice how mascular he was. "So what would you name her Baba?, You know she takes after you", I said and looked him straight in the eyes. He laughed again, and kissed me on the forehead.

"My beautiful wife, this one would be called 'FINDELA' like the guardian of the seven river realms because she carries her strength". I didn't know when the tears finally started to run down my cheek. Baba Vose leaned down and kissed both of them and kissed my lips, ohh it felt heavenly, it took me straight to paradise and surrounded me with lovely flowers and trees and......

"THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!", was the scream that accompanied a loud blow of the horn. It was a warning, it was the words all Eldians dreaded with all their hearts. Baba Vose's eyes changed, I could read fear and rage at the same time. He hurriedly packed up some stuffs, and led me out the door. We found old Mama Bear almost at the entrance as she grabbed Baba hands as then said these words "I told you they would come!".

Baba Vose handed me to her and said "Lead them across the wooden path and hide!", his words striking and commanding at the same time. He turned to go but I grabbed his hand and held it, "you don't have to go, Baba, our children need you!"**. He came closer and held my face in his hands, "I'm never leaving you Nkolo or my children, never!", he kissed me as he said those words.

Then his hands slowly left mine, he walked some few steps and looked back at us, his eyes as bright as the stars then he turned to run, he picked up his machete as he ran into the night. Old Mama Bear dragged me and led me across the dark wooden path, both children screams started to grow louder. The clouds also joined in and started to shed bitter tears.


We finally got to the wooden shelter that was perfectly camouflaged to blend in with the woods along with other women and children all soaked and hopeless. Old mama Bear took the children from me and started to sing them her ancestral songs and before long they both fell asleep. I couldn't control the tears anymore as they started to drop on their own freewill.

My mind didn't stop wondering what had happened to my husband, if he was still alive. The last time the Outsiders came, they killed almost half of the Eldian population and it was by the help of the gods that they eventually drowned by the Eldina river.

We waited for six days without getting any news , I had refused to eat anything despite Old mama Bear's persuasion and had eventually given up all hopes when we heard footsteps. Frightened we took up stones and anything we could harm ourselves with to protect ourselves. Then the shelter opened slowly and the head of Baba Vose came into the light, he looked so handsome except for the few scars that ran through his cheekbone and forehead. I could see the joy in his eyes when he saw me.

I ran like a flowing river towards his warm embrace and flung my hands on his strong shoulders. He kissed me on the head and then on the lips passionately. Then gasping for breath he asked, "where are the children Nkolo?". I looked and pointed where Old mama Bear stood with the children in both hands and with a smile that could brighten up a whole village.

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