Soothing Rage


He closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing, he took deep breaths upon deep breaths to finally get a hold of himself. This rage he felt tasted like something so familiar, so soothing to his soul.

Lucas didn't know why but Damon's remarks remarks about his lonely mother had really gotten to him. It filled him with a certain rage and it got worse when the other kids he played with on the streets started to laugh uncontrollably.

He couldn't help it anymore, this rage was going to eat him whole. He let it fill him up, the urge, the scent filled his nostrils and as if he was being compelled he folded his fists and was ready to unleash all evil.

"Lucas!, You're better than that, please don't do it.

The voice felt so familiar and threatening at the same time, he felt a certain uneasiness but this too wasn't enough to break him from the anger he now felt. He had to unleash it all, he had to, he had to pour it all out.

Before he could take another step, something touched his soul, it was light at the end of the tunnel. His mother's gaze tore through him, broke through the cage and tamed the beast. She hugged him really tightly, stroked his hair and made him promise never to hit anyone again, never to let his anger get the better of him.

For a nine year old who had the reputation of violently lashing out at others and beating them to a pulp, this was going to be a had task, but he made the promise anyway and vowed to keep it. There was really no joy in seeing others helpless, and at that moment not hurting others became a rule.

He hardly had any friends maybe because a lot of people had heard about his story and they didn't want to be caught up in such violence. He made it through middle school without having any crisis and his mom was surprised at how well her child was holding up.

He'd already gotten used to being as calm as the wind when he finally entered high school. A fine and well mannered young man with a smile that opened up your soul. Lucas became the the guy who everyone wanted to be seen with, being popular just came naturally.

At senior high, he found his soul mate, Anna was everything he ever wanted. She was calm headed, as beautiful as the angels he read about and she was very caring, his heart melted whenever he looked into her eyes. He found himself easily drawn to her and being in each others company were the best moments of their lives.

His strengths never left him and being chosen as captain of the Football team didn't come with any surprise. His leadership qualities were amazing and coach always encouraged him, "You're one great lad, Lucas", with a pat on the shoulder.

He'd just returned from practice one afternoon when he met the shock of his life. Jack approached him holding a baseball bat with an evil grin. He turned back and saw three other guys approach him too carrying all sorts or violent tools.

Jack had been jealous of him since he replaced him as captain and would go to any length to show his displeasure. He'd even come at him once during practice with a spear that almost threatened to break his ribs, he'd been in the hospital for three weeks after that ordeal.

Looking at Jack approach him now didn't feel so good. He turned left and was shocked to see another set of gruesome looking guys approach him, his heart started to race.

He closed his eyes and tried to steady his breathing, he took deep breaths upon deep breaths to finally get a hold of himself. This rage he felt tasted like something so familiar, so soothing to his soul.

He stood there, without moving an inch till they were so close to him. He could see Jack stand directly in front of his face and mutter something he couldn't understand. His mind had been shut out, he couldn't concentrate on what was going on around him.

Feeling embarrassed that he was being taken for granted, Jack made a swing with his bat and without even breaking a sweat Jack dodged it and what followed was something that can't be explained in any author's book.

Lucas made it home and went straight to the shower. He felt irritated with himself, where had all that rage come from. He hadn't felt like that in a long while and clearly didn't want to feel that way again but then it saved his life!.
**"Some Rules Are Bound to Be Broken Afterall", he said to himself with a grin.

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