I just made love with my best friend's sister



It had been three years ago, I can remember vividly because it felt like yesterday....

Wait, if you're the "quick-to-judge" kinda person I think you shouldn't be reading this. Please just stop, don't go any further because the next few lines might make you cringe and want to drive a stake through my heart.

Recounting this memory isn't easy but it's something I've kept for so long, it's haunted me and I think it's about time I let it off my chest. I can't bear the guilt no longer, afterall everyone deserves a second chance.

The sun had cried out with joy that morning, the wind danced like it had been asked on a date and the green grasses shone like it finally bathed after so long. You won't believe it, but this was no fairy tale, the woman who sold akara (bean cakes) opposite my house wore a neatly trimmed hair and her ankara wrapper was unusually neat today. I was surprised when she even replied my greeting with a big smile on her face.

The only thing that didn't look different that morning was the numerous poles and wires that hung from one end to another and the portholes that added beauty to our well paved road. The water sachet and whatever it was that we were fond of littering danced with the wind. Rachel passed me carrying a bucket of water wearing her normal pink sleeveless top, a smirk drew across my face as she passed me.

Didn't take long for me to get to school and lo and behold George was already there, I was surprised why he was so early today. We chatted for a while and then she walked in, it was like I was seeing Superman stare at Flash like "what-the-hell-are-you-doing-mate (what I mean is, time slowed).

She didn't have that rusty look most girls with tinted short hair actually have, no, she was bright and her perfect ebony skin blended with her curly whine colored hair and her eyes were brown making the short sundress she wore blend perfectly and then her legs held her thick hips firmly as she walked.

We exchanged glances and then she didn't say a thing to me. George introduced her as his sister and then she smiled and when I held out my hand she took it with hesitation. I went back home thinking there was something wrong with me, maybe I was ugly or maybe I didn't bathe well. I kept thinking about what I had done wrong to actually make her act that way.

Our next meeting was a lot more pleasant than the first. Apparently she needed someone to show her around the university and I was her only bet. We walked and talked for a while, funny how she had a nice sense of humor. I took her to the almost dying basketball court we had and I was surprised that she actually was a big fan of basketball. She also loved flowers and it was beautiful to see them blossom like they did at this time of the season.

Who wouldn't love such a beauty

We ended up sitting and talking till we apparently lost track of time. It was already getting dark when I noticed how beautiful her lips were, I tried to concentrate but I couldn't anymore, at that exact moment, I made love with my best friend's sister in my head. It happened for just a split second but then her words brought me back to reality.

I took her back to meet her brother and then we went over to Mama Ekemini's cafeteria and ended up helping ourselves to some hot Eba and Afang soup which was certainly her favorite. After we were done, I could hardly work, and I was surprised that her stomach didn't reveal any sign of the weight it just carried.

She held my hand and looked me straight in my eyes. I could feel the warmth and kindness all around her. Then without saying a word, she hugged me, it was a I'm-glad-i-met-you kind of hug and then my idiot of a friend pulled her away from me cursing and they both said their goodbyes.

That was the last day we spent together before she made her way back to NYU where she's currently studying. I couldn't forget, everything still lingers in my head and each time I feel worthless for what I did. I wonder how she'll see me after reading this note, would she just judge me like you're doing now or would she smile and write back.

Well...only time will tell

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